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I purchased both car and renter’s insurance from Amica based on online reviews of excellent service and coverage, even though premiums were considerably higher than other companies. However, when the cost to add on my 19 year son to the auto coverage was exorbitant in spite of the fact he was away at college for 48 of the 52 weeks of the year, I looked into premiums at other companies. I found an equally well-rated company at a much lower price, switched to the new company, and cancelled my policies with Amica. I received a reimbursement check from Amica for the unused premium and assumed the matter was closed. Subsequently I received online notifications that a payment of $5.00 was due. Assuming this was just an incorrect "leftover" from the automatic payment system, I ignored the fee. I was thus surprised when I received a notification that my account was being turned over to a credit agency for the 5 dollars. I called in, explained the situation, saying that if Amica had reimbursed me 5 dollars to much it was there problem not mine and, after a talk with a supervisor, was told that the amount had been taken off my account. Later the same day, I received a second call from the supervisor telling me that I did owe the 5 dollars but she was asking the managers in my service area to forgive the amount. The next day I received yet a third call from the supervisor saying that the Baltimore regional office would not forgive the amount as my renter’s insurance had not been cancelled–hence the 5 dollar amount–and I would indeed be turned into the credit agency if I did not pay it. AMAZING–hours of Amica management time to recover 5 dollars that was incorrectly billed in the first place–clearly one reason why Amica is so much more expensive than other similarly-rated companies. I see the 5 dollars that I have just paid by check to end the affair as affirmation that I made a very good decision to take my business elsewhere. All’s well that ends well.

I have never seen such bad customer service. I’ll only mention a couple of problems I had with this bunch but there were many more. They told me that they would call my mortgage company and take care of switching me over to them. Then I get a call from my mortgage company telling me that if I don’t provide proof of insurance by the end of the day that they will provide it for me. When I called Amica, I was then told that they don’t do that and that it was my job. Only after I went around and around with a manager did they agree to take care. All three of us were on the line and their exchange of information regarding this switch sounded like Greek to me so there is no way that I could have provided the necessary information. Then about a month later, I started getting calls from Amica telling me that I needed to raise my coverage limits. I refused and said to just cancel it but they would finally relent but tell me that they would have to raise the coverage limits when I renewed. I already knew at that point there wouldn’t be any renewal and I was wishing I had the time to just go ahead and cancel and go with someone else. It was just too much of a hassle but I should have anyway because they kept calling and saying the same things. I told them today that if they call again about that, then I will cancel regardless of whether I have the time or not. I’m just documenting a few of the problems I had with them. I spent 2 years with them a few years back and then they suddenly doubled my premiums because they said my state’s rates went up. Right! So I did not renew with them but went with Liberty Mutual. I had no problems with Liberty Mutual but I decided to go back to Amica this year and actually pay considerably more just because they were rated so high. Big mistake! Trust me. Beware of this bunch!