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in my policy it states any time damage occurs i have to call them, well everytime to report any damage to them they wanted to send out an adjuster to my house, what i did not know or was told is that they counted that as a claim, and I was never paid out but the adjusting company was paid in the amounts of 3 thousand dollars. This prevented me from getting any policy from any other company and was forced to stay with this company. When I had water come into my basement I called the company and had adjusters out at the house, I was told that they were going to cover me and all of the sudden i got a letter in the mail stating that they were not going to cover me and they wanted the checks they issued me back, I raised a stink about this and they told me that for the inconvenience I could keep the checks. I started doing some research on the company to find out that this is a common practice of theirs, they have been fined in the State of Kansas by the department of insurance for their practices, in my opinion they pry on service members and do not care about us and they should not be in business. they are rude to you over the phone and very unprofessional. DO NOT BE APART OF THIS COMPANY

I’ve been an AFI customer for almost 40 years and I am now switching insurance carriers. Recently they have denied hail and wind claims while all of my neighbors claims were easily recognized and covered by a number of other major insurance companies. Customer Service Reps are friendly but don’t be fooled. Underwriting is very difficult to work with regarding claims. They will find a reason to deny your claim. When I started shopping around to check the market for another insurance carrier I discovered on my own I had been paying way too much for my AFI policies. When I asked AFI about it, I found they knew they could have saved me dollars but did not inform me until I pointed out to them that I was going to another insurance company due to the difference in the other company‘s higher policy coverage and lower premium cost as well as overwhelmingly positive customer feedback as the primary reasons. I’ve chosen to go with the other company and will save almost $1,000 per year across all policies. I sent a note to the AFI Chairman’s on-line link asking him for a reply about my concerns. Even as an almost 40 year member I did not receive the courtesy of a reply other than the automated message stating my email had been received. I am leaving AFI as a long term customer with a very bad taste for their service, and their rates. They charge more than other insurance companies, they take your money, and they will find a reason to deny a claim. They do not live up to their motto of: "Our Mission Is You".

As a 30+ year member of Armed Forces Insurance, I have opted to go with another company that genuinely cares about its policy holders. With just two small claims as an AFI homeowner insurance policyholder in those 30+ years and the second claim filed over 20 years ago, AFI let me down when I recently filed a claim. "We value your membership" translates into "We value your insurance premium payment" and that’s all. AFI’s parting comment "We’re sorry to see you go" really means "We’re sorry to lose the timely payment you’ve made for many years." AFI’s poor Customer Relationship Management has now become a case study for my college marketing classes. My business students, especially those with a mlitary background, are paying attention to AFI’s uncaring CRM attitude toward its longtime customers. AFi’s absence of empathy and lack of support toward its steadfast members is appalling – and disappointing. Customer/brand loyalty count for nothing and AFI’s performance is surely not that of a premium brand image as the company would want prospective customers along with current members to believe. Bottom Line: Stay away from AFI.

I’ve gone above and beyond my responsibilities to this claim, however, these adjusters (who have ignored and failed take responsible action/return calls / do what they say) Unfortunately you acted in a cruel and malicious manner to my family throwing us into the street from the hotel, in 120 degree heat with no warning, justifying your actions based on assumptions, Follow your own policies and rules!

I am broke, have no home, no clothing for myself /my family, we now do not even have the food that was in our hotel, thanks to your cruel and malicious act forced us to vacate into extreme summer heat. Knowing we have exhausted thousands of dollars already and you have not provided us with so much as one cent as of yet, but made certain you got your payment from us.

Why do you feel you have the right to intentionally inflict this upon me and my family in our time of desperation, when we call on you to provide for us the things for which our contract stipulates and you promised in our contract? This is what is called "Bad Faith".

I’ve had my house insured by Armed Forces Insurance for over 10 years and a few years ago, I had storm damage to the roof of my house. I filed a claim with Armed Forces to get the damage fixed on my house. They sent an adjuster from Idaho to come look at my roof. He claimed up on the roof and immediately proceeded to inform me that they weren’t going to honor the claim because I had a piece of flashing installed incorrectly when I had the house reshingled last. He then proceeded to tell me about how he had owned a roofing business for 20 years prior to becoming an adjuster and that he knew the flashing was installed incorrectly and that I needed to go back on the company that installed my roofing at that time. Roofing companies come and go and they’re unfortunately out of business. I’ve since noticed a lot of water damage in that area of my house and am a disabled veteran and cant’t afford to have the damage fixed nor am I able to climb up on the roof to fix it myself. Since then, I’ve had a person climb up and attempt to stop the damage but no luck with the repairs.I then contacted the insurance commission of Kansas and was told that if its in there declaration book then they don’t have to honor the claim. My question is, What Declaration Book? I’ve never received anything of the sort from them since my original purchase of their insurance. Since then, I’ve had a person climb up and attempt to stop the damage but no luck with the repairs.IThis is going to cost a considerable amount to repair and I would like to file a complaint with SOMEONE in attempt the get the damage fixed as I still own the house, but was forced to purchase another residence to live in and now have two mortgages. Armed Forces has since dropped coverage on my house because I don’t occupy the residence anymore.