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Athene purchased the company that underwrote my life insurance electricity physics problems policy. They have major issues (they blame on the conversion) and they really don’t seem to care to fix them. I received a statement showing i had a loan balance against my policy. When I called to ask why…..the customer service rep had no idea. Two weeks later I got a letter stating i had not paid my policy and therefore a loan was taken against my policy to prevent it from being cancelled (that is the option i had chosen on the policy). I called them….gave them the gas variables pogil answers check number, date it cleared my bank account……they said i needed to send them proof by submitting a copy of the cancelled check. I did that the very same day……2 months later nothing has been done. I called them 2 weeks ago and the rep said they had all the information they needed….she had no idea why it was not resolved but she would put a rush on it. Called yesterday…..still no resolution….no idea why the rush was not electricity in salt water completed. Spoke to a team lead…..she will put a rush on it. I laughed telling her they already tried that trick and 2 weeks later it still is not resolved. He answer basically was……we will work on it and eventually get it fixed. I suggested they need to credit my account now and suspense the amount on their books until they figure it out. I am now waiting for a manager to return my call. I am not holding 2 chainz smoking on that gas my breath. I spoke to someone else who happens to have a life policy with them……they told me they got the same letter saying they did not pay their policy. The amount was small enough that instead of validating…..they just sent another check. Sounds like the gas up the jet conversion from Aviva is a mess and a lot of customers are being taken advantage of with no urgency to resolve. STAY AWAY from this insurer if you are smart!!!

My ex husband purchased life insurance for myself and our three children. He had the Athene policy for me and used Symetra for electricity questions and answers physics our kids. After he passed away Symerta paid the policy in three days. They automatically deposited it into their bank accounts. As for Athene they waited 90 days to send a letter saying they had decided not to give me the money because we weren’t still married. After consulting a lawyer we all agreed to let them pay my kids instead and la t gastrobar opiniones they could just reimburse me as opposed to fighting them. We faxed the paperwork from the kids within a week. They waited an additional 90 days (the time they have to pay the policy) to tell us they were missing a page of the paperwork. Mind you the page they were missing was an informational page that had zero to do with us or our policy. We then resent the fax and gas after eating red meat sent the same information in the mail. It then took them 30 more days to pay the policy (only after threatening to turn them in for insurance fraud). So to recap SYMETRA paid out three times as much money in THREE DAYS while PUKETHENE, oops I mean ATHENE paid one policy in SEVEN MONTHS. I wish gas leak los angeles california I could take out an ad to warn people how horrid they are. They don’t listen, take notes, remember anything previously discussed, answer the phone in a timely manner or send your money without much effort on your part when you’re already so sad. I cannot discourage you enough. Don’t use this company unless you like being frustrated and angry.