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My wife and I have a lake cabin (HAD) until the neighbors burned it down while we were gone. We’ve been paying Auto-Owners Insurance (AOI) for ‘replacement value’ home insurance since 2010. It burned down 227 days ago still we have been unable to begin to rebuild. We’ve been begging, pleading, negotiating for a fair plan affording us to reconstruct our home. The only effort AOI has shown is to delay which now results in winter conditions for a rebuild. AOI STILL a) refuses to pay for a rebuild in winter despite delaying us until winter, b) refuses to pay closing costs for our construction loan mortgage loan, c) refuses to pay all demolition disposal costs. AOI lacks cooperation, lacks character are unsuitable to be

providing home insurance. We want our fully insured cabin back the fact it won’t be within a year’s time is absolutely u gas station near me unacceptable. You would be far better off if you never use AOI for home insurance! Also, the adjuster has been extremely poor at communicating although I believe that was a tactic. If you don’t know your policy in and out they will fleece you!

About a month ago a couple, insured by Auto-Owners Insurance, hit and totaled my car. After a week I obtained the police report and got in contact with Auto-Owners, Saginaw branch. After leaving 2 messages and waiting for my call to be returned, to no avail, I called the front desk and asked that I speak with the appropriate person, to which I was told he was on the phone and would call me immediately after. I never heard back from this agent and was forced to contact his supervisor who was immediately responsive and I explained that I needed a rental car and that I had been out of a car for far too long. He responded that he would make sure that I got set up in a rental as soon as they were back in the office, Monday (it was friday)

Monday I received an email, still gas oil ratio units no phone call, from said Agent in which he told me that an adjuster in OKC, closer to me would handle my claim. The adjuster was forgetful (even forgot my insurance company and my phone number) and didn’t return phone calls. After 2 weeks of no resolution I contacted the previous agent, STILL NO ANSWER, and to this day have never spoken with him.

HORRIBLE doesn’t even describe AutoOwners. Use a different company!!!! We had a house fire. The cause was our neighbors house catching on fire and because of wind, jumped to our house and started fire. 15 months later AutoOwners won’t settle the claim for the full amount. The neighbors home is rebuilt and they are in their new home. Their insurance, Citizens, contacted us to see what they were responsible for/where were our bills, but because of MI laws (which are awful and written by the insurance companies) we have to go through the settlement process with AutoOwners.

The building inspector and a independent engineer stated in writing the house can’t be repaired. AutoOwners says electricity and circuits ppt it can. The initial settlement offer, 1/3 of repair costs. DO NOT USE AutoOwners!!!! We will now have to pay a public adjuster and/attorney, lots of $$$ we don’t have to try to get this settled. We have a policy that included full coverage and coverage that exceeds the current house value. In 14 years, NEVER made a homeowners claim, paid on time, never late.

Auto owners take your monthly premiums every month to me with no intention on handling claims in a timely manner without a care in the world. I was in a rear in accident. Sitting at a red light and BAM! Smacked in the back pretty good. Down the road and not far like within 2 weeks of the accident all my pain shifted to one side. I ended up with a rotator cuff tear. When the dr took me off work to try physical therapy(before knowing how bad my tear was) auto owners immediately went into investigation mode, which is fine and I guess normal protocol. Thing is they’ve been investigating me since January 2016 here it is September 2016 and still only a $100 check I received in January for my mileage reimbursement, 1 co pay and 1 prescription. The wildest part is that the guy who hit me insurance company has taken full responsibility for the accident, but yet my company is investigating me. And they’re trying there best to hold out as long as they can. They can investigate me from June 1980 up until the accident and they’ll never find where I’ve had any neck, shoulder or shoulder blade issues. This is sad and of course I left them after still hanging on for months afterwards thinking I’m not going to have electricity and magnetism physics to sue them. Yeah right. Lesson learned for me guys. Most times cheap isn’t better because you get what you pay for. Forgot to mention I did have a full coverage policy as well.

After years with Auto-Owners Insurance we recieve a letter in the mail from our bank that lead us to believe we might be over paying on flood insurance, so we contacted them. They said they checked into it and we still owed they $2200 they were charging us. Ok that is fine, if that’s what we owe, that’s what we owe. So we paid, first mistake. Some time went by and me and my wife thought, you know maybe we should get quotes from other compaines, which was the second mistake, should have done that earlier because they all came back $600, wow what a difference. So one issurance company said, contact them again if they are over charging us then we may be able to get our money back. We did, but since insurance companies have there own people doing the mapping, they came back saying no we were not in a lower flood zone as the other companies said we were. Funny all other gas cap light insurance companies have us in the lower zone. Moral of the story Auto-Owners Insurance scammed us out of about $10,000 over the past few years (we were told you can get 6 years of money back if overcharged). Thanks Auto-Owners for scamming us, too bad we are stuck with you until next year. Reader I only write this review to try to help warn you, these people are scammers. If you are not careful they will in effect rob you.

I wish I could honestly give a 0 or negative rating for this company. As a current customer for a little over a year now (but not for much longer) I honestly can’t think of a positive experience expect for when we moved over and saved some money on our premiums. Well fast forward a year and here is our reason for leaving. Received renewal documents with our premiums going up by about $1,000 a year. 3 autos and homeowners policies. We bought my wife a new car so we expected some increase on that vehicle. But it was much worse, my agent called to inform me that our rates where going up by about $1,000 annually. I asked for justification as we had no claims, no accidents our credit scores are still above 800…..etc. They listed the fact that we had a new account gaz 67 dakar on our credit report (the car we purchased), length since new account was open, and some other non insurance reason. So I called Auto-Owners Insurance to investigate. After about 2-34 minutes on the phone with them, I realized they had no justification either. The support person told me that there were 4 things in their findings that caused the increase. Some I noted above, she also stated that they do not normally talk with the customer and that I should contact my agent. I told her that my agent asked me to contact them directly for explanation. She again said you should contact your agent and that they do not talk with their customers and that I could not talk with an underwriters. I began to get upset and every time I tried to talk this lady would talk over me and not transfer me to a manager. Then she hung up on me. I called back and was talking to the same person, she finally agreed to get electricity storage association me to a manager. I explained my frustration with the manager and she stuck by her subordinate and told me to contact my agent. All along stating they don’t talk with their customers, I said you’re my insurance company and I can’t discuss my policy or pricing with you? Not worth the time or energy.

Strongly advised do not purchase anything from Auto-Owners Insurance as long as they are using Casey D. as their adjuster. You will regret this. Following water damage we had to relocate 286 year old handicapped individuals who can barely walk and now the adjuster is putting up a big stink and for part of the electrical cost after having to replace the electrical switches and Outlets. This is clearly covered in our contract but they still don’t care and the agent says he can’t help. This is the first claim on this company after many many many years of paying premiums and the inconvenience of having to move out of the house with two individuals that can barely q card gas station walk was not an easy task. The agent said there is plenty of coverage to assist these people but the agent has no cares at all. He wanted yet another quote from somebody he knows that’s out of town. That individual does not want to come and give an estimate without getting paid for that estimate. We have a licensed contractor we want to use which I’m sure would be competitive or less anyway. I am still fighting this but please be aware that I strongly suggest not going to Auto-Owners Insurance company for anything if they use this particular adjuster. You will have a fight on your hands and be very frustrated and it is not worth it. There are plenty of other insurance companies out there. read the reviews before you purchase.