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When I was healthy, Medica was great. It covered the few prescriptions I had and my annual exams. Then, I had back types of electricity generation methods surgery. Suddenly, they stopped knowing how to do paperwork. I heard various and sundry excuses for nine months following my surgery as to why they had not yet paid Mayo Clinic what they were supposed to pay them. First, they were really backed up. Then, my claim was incorrectly auto-adjudicated. The most recent one I’ve heard is that they aren’t paying their own bills! They have (had?) a contract with Mayo, and since they haven’t been paying what they’re supposed to, Mayo is balanced billing me. Over the past nine months, I have spoken to twelve different Medica employees, a few of them on more than one occasion. Each of them has been wd gaster theory very cordial but apparently very limited in their ability to help their clients, as I am STILL dealing with this problem nine months later. I can’t help but wonder if they are hoping I’ll be sent to collections by the clinic so that it won’t be their problem anymore. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for several months; I should not have to give benefits to my insurance company. Last I heard, it was gas x strips walmart supposed to be the other way around.

They seem to do everything they can to charge more and provide less. I had to get a specific plan that covers my one medication that I take. Each year, it’s taken me 2 months to fill my first prescription of the year due to all the authorizations I need from my doctor and pharmacy. Last year I was able to get the name brand medication covered, but this year they changed it and only cover the generic brand. Also as of this year, I am not able to get my full prescription that was prescribed by my doctor due to a quantity limit. Meanwhile, my premium payment has increased by 20%. I currently pay $450/month because that’s the only plan that covers my ONE prescription, yet they make receiving that prescription as difficult and painful as possible. I believe it’s so you end up giving up and go without. Also electricity cost by state, their online member portal is so basic it’s practically useless and you can expect to wait on hold for 30 minutes any time you call in. I tried to find a way to file a complaint through their website and couldn’t find any way to do that, other than a printable form that you have to MAIL in. Really?

The title says it all. Found out yesterday that the co-pay u save gas station grants pass assistance I received for my Xtandi will not count towards my health insurance deductible with MEDICA on my COBRA. Its a newer concept (late last year??) that the pharmacy benefit managers came up with. I have $25,000 of scans, mri’s, blood work, and dr visits every 4 months (later this month, cancer) and now will be in the hook for the entire $6,500 deductible even though the copay assistance paid out about $10,000 on my behalf. They say it will help drive down drug prices but in the end MEDICA is basically double dipping.

It’s disgusting. On one hand I didn’t have to pony up the $6,500 for gas up shawty the meds but a few weeks later I will anyway because of the scans. And the copay assistance pays way more out to the pharmacy because my deductible is not recognized. In my situation it ends up being financial assistance to my insurance company, MEDICA, and not me at all. MEDICA is double dipping, Xtandi gets their high priced drugs paid for, and ultimately is no assistance for me at all.

I had a medical appointment with my PCP 12/12/18 in Miami Lakes. Transaction did not call me a day ahead confirm pick up time. Transportation arrived 50 minutes after the start of my appointment. I got to my appointment super late. My PCP office called for pick up to return home with the q gastrobar insurance transportation. I waited beyond an hour for transportation and didn’t come. My PCP office called my insurance transportation back. My insurance stated that my previous information for pick up wasn’t saved and no previous order for pick up was placed. Once again I was waiting. Insurance transportation was called again and they said that they are coming. My PCP ‘s office called and called and called some more because I was still in my wheelchair waiting. They started getting no answer because it was now after 5pm. My PCP office closed at 5pm also. My PCP office told transportation earlier in conversation. Insurance transaction was initially called for pick up to return home minutes after 2pm. I didn’t know how I was getting home. I began to cry. I was tired, extremely upset and hungry. My PCP’s gave me crackers and juice. I finally left at 6:10pm gas yojana enroute home thanks to my nephew (NOT INSURANCE).