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I am on short electricity distribution losses term disability and I was suppose to get paid weekly after having my son for 6 weeks. Not only have I not gotten paid one dime but they gave me the run around ever single time with broken promises. Every time I called they never seem to get it right with my address, giving excuse after excuse, they didn’t have the apt number, they didn’t see the update, they don’t have the correct city, they don’t have the correct zip code. Not having a check for almost 2 months has caused me losing my apartment, the savings I had has gone to my sons doctors visits, my doctors visits, groceries and now only having 66 cents to my name. I now have to go back to work one z gas ensenada month earlier so I can pay my car, phone, diapers, wipes, storage unit grade 6 electricity project, uhaul, gas and every little thing in-between because of their ridiculous delays. But sure enough there is no delay when they took money from my hard working pay check everything other week to put in their wallet. If anyone is reading this and struggling DO NOT get WEAK! Fight for what is yours, they work for US not the other way around, WE pay for THEM! Not sure if my mother instincts are kicking in but they will NOT bring me down, I hope you will fight just as hard for what is right. God gas 47 cents bless!

Horrible company. My son is an orthodontic patient and has been for two years now. I have the Metlife reimbursement plan. During my son’s treatment, his Orthodontist changed names, and process, which made Metlife believe my son’s treatment was over, and completely stopped all reimbursement payments. Metlife still owes me $385. I have spoken to numerous representatives at Metlife who requested I have the gas knife lamb orthodontist send faxes proving my son’s treatment never ended, which I did. They promised to look into this problem, yet I have no follow up or call back resulting in resolution. I then got the Orthodontist involved. It’s been almost a year now that the orthodontist has been in communication with Metlife. Same story, everyone she gets on the line tells a different story about why they haven’t paid me my reimbursement yet. Two of these calls, the Metlife reps did see that I am still owed the $385, but gas oil ratio for leaf blower didn’t know how to process it! Again no one followed up after supposedly checking into it. Today my orthodontist followed up with Metlife for z gas guatemala me again. This time she the rep would not give her any details, just said no funds are due to me and that’s that. Her name was Daisy, she is a joke. I have all reference numbers and names of the people we have spoke with. All I am asking for is the reimbursement money owed to me, that’s all.

My husband was a MetLife employee for over 20 years so we had this insurance. It was fine, but expensive, but we kept it after he left the company. After 35 years we had two claims in two years. One was hail damage and one was water damage. Although they have increased the electricity in indian states price of our premiums, I was loyal to them. Too bad they don’t feel the same about their customers. We were cancelled because of the two gas estimator claims. I know that is standard, but I thought our time with them would mean something. So, we’ll find another company for homeowners insurance as well as our vehicles. My new auto insurance with a good company is less than half of what I was paying. Shop around for insurance prices – I should have!I feel like an idiot thinking that time with v gashi 2012 a company would mean anything. And, get used to the customer reps. because you cannot talk to anyone who can make a decision or actually discuss your problem. It’s no wonder their financial statements look so good because they are much more concerned with their bottom line than with being there when you need them.

My life has been a nightmare starting several years ago in 2011 when I found out MetLife works with hitmen to kill Americans for their life insurance. Every single day of my life I am scared. I’m being harassed and told I will electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school due if cancer. The CEO Steve Kandarian and the entire executive office and fraud department know about me, yet they won’t sit down and as I offered solutions to their problems. They plan on laundering gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator money. Being a victim of this crime is the most cruel horrific experience you could imagine. Every day of my life I live in total fear. I am being stalked. The reason I was harassed is because MetLife hoped I would collect on my ex-husband after they killed him. They told me I wasn’t a true American if I said no. I was beaten, raped static electricity review worksheet, had my car stolen, all my belongings taken and I was illegally detained by organized crime because I said no… I contacted the FBI. They haven’t done anything. They told me to go to Manhattan. I did. MetLife turned me away stating that I had to make an appointment. I call often and they tell me Kandarian will call me if he wishes to, which he never does. After going to the FBI, they yelled at me and said I am a person who lacks credibility. They told me never to come back. Every day I am getting harassed. I’m told electricity trading strategies I will die of cancer or another means by 2016. If MetLife going to put a hit on someone put a hit on someone. Don’t torture them. MetLife is committing crimes against humanity. They are a truly terrible company….I know you won’t publish this. I wish someone would please pay attention to what I am saying. They are drugging people and forcing them to sign these policies, then killing people in the most heinous disgusting ways. No one will ever know the nightmare I am going thru. I have a tattoo on my arm and even that doesn’t help. It reads 3 main gas laws: Life Insurance Fraud. I wrote some laws to prevent this crime. The complacency in the govt and in Wall St and with other people is astounding.