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I was in an automobile accident on 12/27/17. Hit in a parking lot by a girl doing about 50, insured by Permanent General. The accident was 100% her fault as admitted by everybody involved. I submitted a claim through her insurance company and was given an adjusted named Shavern Belle. Permanent General then proceeded to have my car tgas advisors company profile towed to a salvage yard one hour and 20 minutes away from where it was. This company IAA lost my only set of car keys. This lost keys delayed my auto body shop from estimating my vehicle. A new set of keys had to be created and a lock smith had to re-key my car. The General had the nerve to blame this delay on the auto body shop and ordered my to return my rental car before any repairs were even authorized to be completed. I left 3 voicemail messages for Shaverns supervisor Kim Record in regards to needing a rental vehicle until my vehicle was repaired. She did not return one of my phone calls. I did not get to speak to her until I called the claims line and refused to be put into voicemail and held for 25 minutes. Her response was to bad for me. Again they went back and forth on repairs until Friday 1/26, 30 days after my accident, when Shavern Belle stated that they would not be paying any repairs and I would have electricity in costa rica current to subjugate through my insurance company. Do not use this company for your insurance. Go through Statefarm, Geico , one of the real insurance companies. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, horrible customer service and these people just do not care gas after eating meat. If you get jerked around from this company as I have submit a complaint through the BBB and through Division of Finance. Maybe with enough complaints we can put this company out of business. I have now filed a claim through my insurance company.

I’m 36 years old with a clean driving record and no tickets i drive a family car live in a low crime area and have a college education all things that make me a prime candidate for low insurance rates gas in oil pan. I started my policy with the general because i knew i wouldn’t need to file a claim because i don’t get in accidents so i didn’t care that their coverage is sub par. However they use a bait and switch technique to screw people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get insurance. So if you start with a great rate as i did. Even if you have no accidents or tickets or claims in the period of your coverage they will JACK your rates up upon renewal. I went from having 2 cars insured to having 1 car and paying TWICE as much. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? I guess they have to pay for those clever ads. Bottom line go ANYWHERE else even progressive or geico. I’m paying half as much with State Farm and they just sent me a REFUND check for $60 because they said world j gastrointest surg impact factor they quoted me TOO HIGH, LOL. That’s something you will NEVER see from the General. Well i guess i went AWOL cause i’m out of the general’s army.

I unfortunately had to file a claim for damages and the person who hit me was at fault. We both unfortunately had Permanent General. Even with that being said, for 3 years I have been a changed person, I have been in and out of physical therapy, suffer migraines now, have gained weight due to not being able to do the activities I used to do and depression over everything. At almost two years in I finally got an MRI and it showed the damage to my cervical vertebres. I tried pain power energy definition management, physical therapy, injectons and am finally on a waiting list to go to the Dr to see if surgery is an option. BOTH OF US CARRIED LIMITED LIABILITY. Permanent General is fighting me, over 50,000, saying that I never actually got surgery so how do they know I am serious. HOURS of therapy, NEEDLES in my neck, SERIOUSLY? Dr.s saying they think surgery is INEVITABLE. I am disgusted with these guys, I am APPALED at the way they have handled this FROM THE START and I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN! BUYER BEWARE!! I have heard they are a nightmare to have if you ever actually need them and boy, ITS THE TRUTH.