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I have a problem car. It has problems, these problems started 3 weeks after i bought it. To make a very long story short, my vehicle was in the shop and no one could determine the cause, so they had to keep taking off more parts and pieces and finally dig into the engine. I told the dealership only to crack open the engine if the warranty company gave it the OK. I did not want to be holding a bill for all of that work. So as you can guess, they opened the engine, warranty company sent out an adjustor, they denied my claim, so I had to fight to pay for the work but not pay the $3000 bill. The dealership worked with me. I got it down to $1600 and paid it. I also paid $2000 for the extended warranty, so I have spent 3600 on the car. I bought a bunch of parts trying to fix my car. The car is STILL broken with the engine cylinders misfiring. Finally the car actually died. Cam shaft snapped, had to have the vehicle towed 150 miles ($1000 towing bill) because it broke when I was in the middle of nowhere Iowa. The people at the insurance company told me that having the heads removed and cleaned was "normal wear and tear" after 36,000 miles for this engine, which is interesting because my owner’s manual sure does not say that! Now my vehicle is again in a shop, broken, and yet again fighting with this "extended warranty" company to have them cover parts and labor for broken things on the engine just to get the car up and running again. It is such a shame, but I would NEVER recommend anyone get this extended warranty, and if you buy a new vehicle ask who the extended warranty is and absolutely do not buy if it is Zurich!

I paid $3100 for this policy, for 3 years coverage, when I bought my car at the dealership. I had a couple minor issues, they were covered, and I had work done at a dealer. No problem getting bills paid on these little problems Took car in this week, for lack of acceleration (we’re coming up on the end of the policy now); I have no clue what the problem is. Dealer determined the issue was: transmission pipe leaking fluid, due to rusted pipe. Zurich asked dealer to send pictures. After examining pictures, Zurich still didn’t know if they would cover, said they’d be sending "an investigator" to the dealer, within 48 hours. So now, I have to rent a vehicle to get to work. The evening of the second day, the investigator arrives. The following day, Zurich advises the dealer they will NOT cover the repair because issue was due to corrosion. Now I am on the hook for the car rental, 2 diagnostic fees that the dealer charged, (which Zurich also didn’t cover), and a $3,000 bill from the dealer; and at this point I’ve been without my car for 5 days, while Zurich made their decision…which ended up being NOT in my favor anyway. The few things I did get fixed in 3 years, didn’t come close to the $3100 I paid for the policy. Save your money and pay out of pocket for your repairs, you’ll make out better in the long run. If you find yourself with a major repair Zurich will look for excuses to not pay the claim and leave you high and dry.

Ok I bought a truck from a dealer, and he convinced me to purchase a Zurich power and train warranty. Now mind you, before this I had never been interested In any type of extended warranty. So this was the first time, and I will say fortunately for me I did purchase this policy. Two weeks after my purchase of the vehicle, my abs light came on. Now because I purchased a powertrain warranty, I already new that any fix related to that was not going to be covered. But what I did not know was, if my Emergency brake fell off and destroyed my rear axle, that the parts which they claim to cover in their policy descriptions would not be covered. So Im like WTF I paid 17,000 $$$ now you don’t want to fix something that cost 900$. I then started asking why they wouldn’t pay the balance, I was told because my truck has "Tone Rings". I said excuse me, what is that??? BLah blah blah, I said im done Ill pay for it myself and then get my refund from you guys. Which seeing how I only had the vehicle for two weeks, I was pretty much guaranteed that. I then decided to do some research, and I will tell you I was able to find a more reasonable warranty that covered all my mechanical and electrical work. They are rated Number 1 by BBB, and you just pay monthly like your car insurance. They are the best!!!! They are not some third party warranty company!!!! I hopes this helps….. PS the company u should go to starts with an (E) Hopes this helps and like I said research. its not that hard. I just wasn’t going to be taken advantage of.

Was pressured by finance manager upon purchase. I bought a Jeep Wrangler and he told me that it just wasn"t a reliable vehicle and that I would need this. Should have thought twice about it since he was wearing a Zurich shirt. Got " the best policy" they offered. Problem is , Every time I go to use it ( 5 times now at 2 different dealerships) the claim gets denied. I bought a 100 k bumper to bumper warranty, how does it get denied? The company won’t answer emails or return phone calls. I did get through to the customer service line once and was told that nothing is covered until it breaks. My question was, if my engine is overheating, it has to blow up before it is covered? Their answer was yes. I blame both the dealership and Zurich for this and have already talked to a lawyer about sueing for my money back since I spent a few grand and received nothing in return. I have also had 6 friends by Jeeps in the last year and I told them all about my issues with this warranty. Should be a class action law suit coming with all the negative comments I see here. Just a total rip off.