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Many times it happens with internet users that they cannot access a website because of certain logical or sometimes illogical restrictions. This can get irritating and annoying if you’re are trying to find something important and your access is blocked.

That is where proxy servers or proxy sites (as they are commonly called) come in handy. They allow you to access these blocked websites by anonymously redirecting you through their own certifications and validations. These proxy servers act as hidden providers of access.

A proxy server is just like a dedicated computer which is running on your computer to act like the intermediary between the computer and the server from where you have requested the service. Now, if the proxy server is available on the same machine then it is called as firewall server and if it on separate server which forward requests then it is called as firewall.

Also, the proxy servers store the cache which helps to reduce the user response time. If many Internet sites are requested at once, then they store the cache and log its interactions for troubleshooting. let’s see the list of the best of such sites. You can also paid VPN services to surf anonymously.

The website is not available in all the countries and is banned or blocked in some. If it is blocked in your country then you won’t be able to access the website. The similar thing happens because YouTube is mostly blocked in schools, colleges and offices as well but there are ways to unblock YouTube and access it. In may schools, universities, colleges or organization some sites are blocked they can be only accessed via Proxy sites or servers.

The most important reason you should start using the top best free proxy sites is that it not only helps you in accessing the blocked websites but it also allow you to surf the Internet anonymously. So nobody can track you online. So when you visit any website, none of your information will be collected and stored. Also cookies injection or no stealing of inofrmation. Many companies uses your browsing data to make business out of it. Now that you know the advantages and benefits of using proxy servers, let’s see the list of the best of such sites. You can also paid VPN services to surf anonymously. How does it work?

It is quite simple, if the Internet request is raised then the proxy server look for the address in its local cache, if the address is found then it returns the same to the user. If the address is not available in the local cache then it requests the page to the server using its own IP address, if the page is returned then the proxy server returns the same to the user and saves it to it local cache for future reference.

Reverse Proxy: Reverse proxies handles the requests for the users on the destination servers which help to access the website when it disallows the connections to the servers. Reverse proxies also disables the users to view some websites because of illegal content.

Transparent proxies: Transparent proxies are also stated as the proxies with the centralized traffic. It is used in the corporate networks, where the proxy is associated with the separate network which apart it from the external network. It also acts as a firewall which is used to scan the data for the security purpose before delivering the request of the user to the network. These proxies are helpful for the corporate to administer the traffic on the network because the corporate devices are generally safe and they should be intruded to perform the mundane tasks.

Highly anonymous proxies: Highly anonymous proxies are generally used by the clients who hide their IP address. This type of proxies generally presents the non-proxy IP address. Not only they hide the IP address of the client but it also allows the access to the sites that block proxy servers.

So, the attacker will copy the web page and use keyword stuffing methods to copy the page from the external sites which will raise the search engine ranking. The original web page will rank lower and it will be seen as the duplicate content which will enable the search engine to remove it from their index.

This type of proxy hacking can be dangerous if the attacker is in the mood of delivering the malicious content. They can hack and redirect the users on the fake banking site which will steal the account info and can be used to steal the funds from your content. Also, it can be used to redirect the users to malware injected site which will hack your machine.

If you are the victim of the proxy hacking then you must take the preventive measures like avoiding use of open proxies, load balancing, secured authorization and other factors. Nowadays, the proxies are easily hacked as there are lot of hacks available and the attackers are earning huge by just injecting the malware into your computer and hacking all your personal information.