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What is narcissism? What does it look like in relationships (romantic and parental). Gaslighting—what is it? The connection between narcissists and HSPs (partners and parents). The HSP is often the scapegoat in the family. There may be a golden child and the children are pitted against each other. If you have a parent who is narcisstic, the HS child often gas x while pregnant feels guilty and believes what the narcissistic parent tells them (you’re too sensitive; too selfish; you never call me; you don’t care). Once people understand narcissism, they see that the limitation is in the parent, NOT the HSP. The energy of the room changes when the narcissist enters the room, and leaves the room. You can FEEL the energy shift.

It’s on a spectrum—mild, moderate, medium and severe They feel better than you They are in their own special category—they feel “special” and “above gas pain in chest” you Hypocracy—do as I say, but not electricity lessons ks1 as I do—these rules apply to you, but not to me They objectify people—everything is seen as property and an extension of the narcissist You can make decisions without their approval There is danger when you want to leave the relationship They have a God-like or superior complex The believe they are special/beautiful and surround themselves with others they perceive to have the same superior qualities Narcisstic Personality Disorder is one of the cluster B Personality gas 87 89 91 Disorders, among Antisocial Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder Histrionic Personality Disorder

They have inconsistent, tumultuous, and short-term relationships with family, friends and partners. They are either the hero or the victim They appear too good to be true. They can be super charming, good looking and win people over easily in the beginning The move quickly in relationships. They have whirlwind romances; have sex early on in a relationship; rush to get married; rush to have children There is a degree of secrecy re: prior relationships. You feel like you don’t really know them, and they won’t discuss their problems They introduce you to family and close friends very quickly, but you seem to be insignificant to family and friends since they are always introducing a new partner What types of people do narcissists tend to look for in partners gas bubble disease?

People they can control, pressure or subject a position of power over or they can easily isolate They like empathic people like Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) because they can play their heartstrings and the HSP is more likely to forgive them They won’t seek out other narcissists or powerful people (too much conflict) People electricity sound effect who have a history or trauma, so they can retraumatize you and they know how to find your wounds and use them against you They tend to align themselves with people (not partners) of greater status They name drop—people they don’t know, but it’s to feel powerful What is gaslighting?

It’s psychological brainwashing Manipulating someone psychologically so that person questions m gasol their reality The person doesn’t trust their own perceptions or themselves It’s like living in the Twilight Zone Jim Jones is an example They will compliment and degrade you in the same sentence They will change the topic in order to deflect or to blame They will triangulate with hp gas online payment a 3rd party to invalidate you and make you doubt yourself They project their insecurities onto you They have tantrums and showdowns—especially on holidays or special occasions and you feel bad and doubt yourself. What does it look like if you have a narcisstic parent?

The parent is not invested in your or the problems that come up for you They will make it about them—i.e., Had it not been for me, then you (minimize your experience) They often will just say, “Because I’m your mother/father.” They will tell you, “That’s not a real problem.” People who have a narcisstic parent may dissociate, turn the k electric bill statement radio up, or find ways to “check out.” They may keep contact with the narcisstic parent short and sweet Narcisstic parents will call their children names, take advantage of them, expect them to care for the other siblings You can feel…