(’03-’05) Dyi-power door lock actuator replacement – subaru forester owners forum power energy definition

1) Remove the door panel: A)Remove upper triangular piece of plastic which covers the wire harness to the power mirror, carefully lift an edge of plastic and pull away from the door. B)Use screw driver to lift tab from Inner Door Latch plastic piece and remove Phillis head screw, separate outer plastic trim piece from inner plastic door latch piece, outer piece "Snaps" into inner piece with plastic nubs. C) Remove Drivers Power Window, Power Mirror, Power Door Lock plastic control module from arm rest by flipping up screw cover in door pull well and unscrewing Phillips head screw. Carefully lift up electrical module and disconnect power mirror wire harness and power door lock / power window wire harness, both plugs have tabs that are pushed to remove. D) From bottom of door panel carefully lift plastic panel slowly working your way up toward the top of the door panel, the entire piece comes off as a single piece. (NOTE: Follow instructions for speaker replacement to remove the door panel).

2) Peel back inner plastic sheet covering openings in door for access to door latch / actuator. Remove power door lock wire harness holder (plastic piece) from the door. Remove the lower 10mm screw / bolt from power door actuator. Remove 10mm nut / washer assemble from Window guide stud and carefully push the window guide from door(move up and out of the way).

3) Pivot the green plastic door lock rod retainer off the door lock rod (rod from door lock to latch assembly) by pushing the "U" plastic grove piece off the lock rod and pivot out of the way. Unsnap the upper door latch cover up and out of the way so the door handle rod is free to be removed from the latch assembly.

4) Remove the three Phillips head screws securing the door latch assembly / power door actuator to the drivers side door. I used my impact driver Phillips head bit in a 5/16 socket and a 3/8" to 1/2" socket adapter along with a 1/2" ratchet wrench. This allows easy "breaking of the screws with no slippage of the bit out of the screw head. Push the plastic door latch release handle (where you open the door from inside the car) cable assembly toward the back of the drivers side door and remove from the door.

5) Carefully fish the door latch / power door actuator out of the door(the cable and inner door latch release need to be fished out as well). The tough part here is getting the assembly past the lower window guide, pay close attention on how you fish the assembly out of the door as you need to reverse the process to get the assembly back into the door.

7) Assemble the new power door lock actuator to the door latch, make sure the plastic actuator lever assembly is inserted into the door latch as the old one was. Replace the two Phillips head screws and insert the power door lock electrical connector into the new actuator.

8) Fish the cable and inner door release mechanism into the door the same way you removed it in step 5. Follow this by fishing the new power door lock actuator / door latch assemble back into the door. The tough part is getting the assemble past the lower window guide. Once you get things into position replace the three door latch screws to hold the assembly in place.

9) Place the inner release door handle mechanism back onto the door, make sure the cables follow the original routing through the door. Insert the outer door handle release rod into the door latch and close / snap the upper cover into place. Pivot the green plastic rod lock onto door lock rod and snap lock it into place.

10) Put 10mm Phillips head screw bolt back into lower power door lock actuator door bracket and tighten. Replace window guide stud back into door and place 10mm washer / nut onto stud and tighten. Put power door lock wire harness plastic insert into door (this keeps power door lock wires from moving). Replace inner protective plastic liner back into place.