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• NBT tags can be used to summon armor stands which are small ( Small), invisible ( Invisible), have arms ( ShowArms), have disabled slots ( DisabledSlots), have no base plate ( NoBasePlate), have no gravity ( NoGravity) and are in pre-configured positions ( Pose) – This can only be done through commands.

• Sea level height, toggles for cave, village, temple, ocean monument, dungeon, water lake, lava lake, stronghold, mineshaft and ravine generation, sliders to control water lake, lava lake and dungeon rarity, toggle to turn oceans into lava oceans, biome selection, biome and river size sliders.

• Main Noise Scale X/Y/Z to smooth out terrain, larger values for smoother terrain; Biome scale/depth weight and Biome scale/depth offset to stretch/squash terrain vertically based on the biomes default height settings; Upper/lower limit scale to make terrain more solid/riddled with holes, depending on how close the values are to each other; Height Stretch to pull terrain upward, with smaller values causing more extreme stretching; Height scale, Coordinate scale, Depth base size, Depth noise exponent and Depth noise scale.

• Example: / clone 1001 3 1002 1011 3 992 1001 5 992 masked Targets the cuboid volume defined by the opposite corners: [1001,3,1002],[1011,3,992] and clones it such that the old corner coincides with the destination (and orientation) at [1001,5,992].

• Example: / stats entity @a set AffectedBlocks @a Test Updates a scoreboard objective named ‘Test’ for all players whenever a command is performed relative to them. The objective will update by the number of blocks affected by the command. Since the stat was set to AffectedBlocks, this means that if the command is / fill, it will update the objective for whoever is running the command (@a) by the number of blocks filled.

• Example: / particle lava ~ ~1 ~ 1 1 1 0.5 50 normal @e[type=Chicken] Creates 50 lava popping particles, centered one block above the block/entity running the command, spreading around a radius of 1 block, with a speed of 0.5, relative to all chickens in that world.

• List of particles: hugeexplosion, largeexplode, fireworksSpark, bubble, suspended, depthsuspend, townaura, crit, magicCrit, smoke, mobSpell, mobSpellAmbient, spell, instantSpell, witchMagic, note, portal, enchantmenttable, explode, flame, lava, footstep, splash, wake, largesmoke, cloud, reddust, snowballpoof, dripWater, dripLava, snowshovel, slime, heart, angryVillager, happyVillager, barrier, iconcrack_(ID), blockcrack_(ID), blockdust_(ID)_(DATA), droplet, take, mobappearance.

• Bit field determining which parts of the tooltip to hide on an item. 1 for ench, 2 for AttributeModifiers, 4 for Unbreakable, 8 for CanDestroy, 16 for CanPlaceOn and 32 for various other information (including potion effects, StoredEnchantments, written book generation and author, Explosion and Fireworks).

• Syntax: {CommandStats:{AffectedItemsName:"playername", AffectedItemsObjective:"objective", AffectedBlocksName:"playername", AffectedBlocksObjective:"objective", AffectedEntitiesName:"playername", AffectedEntitiesObjective:"objective", SuccessCountName:"playername", SuccessCountObjective:"objective"}}.

• Farmer (Brown robe): Farmer, Fisherman, Shepherd and Fletcher / Librarian (White robe): Librarian / Priest (Purple robe): Cleric / Blacksmith (Black apron): Armorer, Weapon Smith and Tool Smith / Butcher (White apron): Butcher, Leather worker.

• Now displays render distance, sections being rendered currently, sections being updated currently, an aB value for unknown reasons, version id, whether the client is modded, keywords for when Clouds/ VBOs/ VSync are enabled, the display resolution and vendor, the graphics card model and vendor and the local OpenGL and Java versions.