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Accessing that non-taxpayer’s MLE becomes a realistic possibility if they reroute Nene (player option) and aren’t married to re-signing Kenneth Faried, Gerald Green, Austin Rivers, Iman Shumpert, et al. That could, in turn, put them in play for a more expensive wing—someone from the Trevor Ariza/DeMarre Carroll/Danny Green/Wesley Matthews 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore tier.

Owner Tilman Fertitta talked a big game in September, but Houston’s actions are those of a cost-aware team. As Danny Leroux unpacked for The Athletic, this season’s salary-shedding did not come in the face of repeater-tax liability. The Rockets weren’t in danger of hitting that threshold until 2021-22 at the absolute earliest. That goalpost now moves to 2022-23—and only if Houston pays the tax in every season up to and including 2022-23 itself.

Maybe that renders the Rockets more likely to spend on a singular talent this summer. They haven’t earned that benefit of the doubt. They seem more likely to divvy up their primary exception, whatever it may be. And with the number of holes they’ll need to fill, that removes the flashier possibilities from consideration. (If they prove us wrong, Carroll would be a great gas efficient suv 2015 get.)

Seldom do teams contending for a top-five record have an open-ended invite to franchise-altering cap space. The Pacers are sitting pretty even after accounting for the first year of Myles Turner’s extension. Depleting their base of non-guaranteed deals and incumbent free agents gets them past the $45 million marker if their draft position holds firm.

Indulging that flexibility is almost certainly off the table. Indiana’s own free agents aren’t throwaways. Bojan Bogdanovic and Thaddeus Young specifically would be huge losses. The Pacers could pay one of them about $13.5 million to start and come close to offering a 30 percent max ($32.7 million), but that still comes at the expense of their depth.

But Brogdon is more likely to become collateral damage of the Bucks’ rising roster costs. Eric Bledsoe has electricity prices per kwh 2013 already agreed to a four-year, $70 million extension, per ESPN.com’s Adrian Wojnarowski, and Khris Middleton could command the max. Spending a lot of money to keep Brogdon might ring hollow with Bledsoe and Giannis Antetokounmpo in the fold.

Indiana doesn’t face that dilemma when pairing him with Oladipo. Most of Brogdon’s made buckets come off assists, and he’s shooting better than 43 percent on spot-up threes. The Pacers could use a true wing more, and it probably takes more than $15 million to get him out of Milwaukee. But the combo-forward market lacks pizzazz after the main offseason squeezes, none of which are likely Indiana-bound. Brogdon has the size to defend some 3s anyway. His arrival doesn’t clash with the development of Aaron Holiday and should, at the bare minimum, help the Pacers afford Bogdanovic and Young.

The Los Angeles Clippers’ fondness for Kawhi Leonard would be the NBA’s worst-kept secret if it were supposed to be a secret at all. They’re not trying to hide their interest, determination or, for that matter, confidence. They have attended his games ad nauseam this season, and some within the organization already have him fitted for a Clippers jersey.

Expecting v gashi kenga e zagrebit the Clippers to change course is futile. The Raptors are genuine title contenders, but Leonard is already a champion and remains unreadable. Who knows what will drive his free-agency decision. Toronto can offer him more money, but if long-term security were his chief priority, he never would have forced his way off the San Antonio Spurs.

Hollywood’s other team arguably checks all of Leonard’s potential boxes. The Clippers are waaay closer to his Riverside and Moreno Valley, California, roots than Toronto. They can offer him the chance to play with a co-star if they unload Danilo Gallinari’s contract. And that star won gas or electricity for heating’t be LeBron James, which apparently matters, according to The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor.

Fleshing out the rest of the roster becomes a challenge if they’re gearing up to finance two maxes. They should still have the non-taxpayer’s MLE at their disposal if they waive Jonathon Simmons ($1 million partial guarantee) and renounce all other free agents except TJ McConnell and JJ Redick. But do they have the incumbent depth to spend that money on one player?

Check out the 10 players Green has spent the most time guarding this season, in order of decreasing possessions: Bradley Beal, Klay Thompson, Jamal Murray, Evan Fournier, Redick, Kyrie Irving, Malcolm Brogdon, Devin Booker, Joe Harris and Khris Middleton. The opposing offense is averaging about 1.08 points per possession when Green is guarding one of these players. That’s not bad considering the quality of talent.

Making the numbers work for Green gets a little hairy if Butler and Harris nab maxes gas laws worksheet with answers. The Sixers would need to sign Redick for less than his $15.9 million cap hold (likely) and keep McConnell at a reasonable price tag (not as likely). But the math is easier to solve if Butler and/or Harris don’t cost the full boat. At worst, it’s workable enough for Green to be on their not-out-of-the-question wish list.