1 Ncaa tournament bracket stays perfect into sweet 16 for first time ever. here’s how it happened ncaa.com electricity games


Recap: Out of tens of millions of brackets entered in online games, two have remained perfect through 40 games. Before this year, the best we’d ever seen was 39 games in a row. Both of the perfect brackets have the same three picks electricity for kids to start Sunday: Tennessee, UNC, and Duke. The first game that they disagree on is the fourth of the day: Buffalo vs. Texas Tech. Will they survive that far? We’ll be following them closely to see.

Recap: We started the 2019 tournament with tens of millions of brackets. After the first day, we were down to approximately 60,000 perfect brackets. Now, through two days and 32 games, there are just 15 perfect brackets remaining across all major bracket games. Saturday sees eight more games, and a chance for some of those 15 brackets to set the record with 40 straight correct picks. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of all of them right here. The first matchup of Saturday sees 6-seed Maryland vs. 3-seed LSU at noon, ET. We’ll see you then.

• 9:56 PM: With 28 games under our belt, we can safely say that there are under 100 perfect brackets left among the major online bracket games. At the moment, our Bracket Challenge Game has 4, ESPN has 48, Yahoo has 8, and Sports Illustrated gas 99 cents and Fox both have 0. CBS hasn’t reported or updated their leaderboard since the 24-game mark (four games ago), but we do know that they have at least a handful of perfect brackets remaining. So realistically, we’re looking at somewhere between 60 and 70 perfect brackets left. Four games left tonight.

Recap: The first game of the 2019 NCAA tournament — 10-seed Minnesota’s win over 7-seed Louisville — dropped our total number of perfect brackets from 100 percent to 31 percent. And the number kept falling. 12-seed Murray State’s win over 5-seed Marquette culled the 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh field from 12.8 percent to 4.9 percent, and 7-seed Wofford’s win over 10-seed Seton Hall saw us fall under 1 percent for the first time. In the end, through the first 16 games of the tournament, we finished with just 0.26 percent of our millions of brackets that remained perfect. Sports Illustrated’s main bracket group had just 23 total perfect brackets left, ESPN sat somewhere under 2 percent, and Yahoo and CBS were not reporting any numbers. We’ll get a much better idea of the total numbers when we get a few more games under our belt today on Day 2. Stay tuned.

• 2:50 PM: It only took the first two games of the tournament — where 10-seed Minnesota and 3-seed LSU won — to get rid of almost three quarters of our perfect brackets. Only 25.6 percent of brackets remain perfect in our Bracket Challenge Game. We won’t be able to track other major games accurately until we get to a smaller number, but we’ll keep checking and update this static electricity jokes post throughout the tournament.

In 2016, the longest anyone went was 25 games to start the tournament. That’s well below the 2015 tournament’s reported (and verified) best, when one person in the ESPN online bracket game picked the first 34 games correctly, according to a story by ESPN senior writer Darren Rovell. ESPN said in 2016 that its 2015 bracket was the best start to a tournament it had on record in 18 years of its game. Yahoo! Sports reported last year that Binder’s bracket was the only electricity ground explained time it had a perfect bracket go into the second round in its 18-plus years of hosting a game. In 2017, Yahoo! reported 37 perfect first-round brackets.

So 39 is the record we went with prior to this year. With more than three decades of online and paper brackets to sift through — the current format has existed since 1985 — and with somewhere between an estimated 60 million to 100 million brackets filled out every year, the odds are decent that someone, somewhere has done better. Determining an official record is made even more difficult by the fact that online games only recently have begun comprehensive record-keeping.

We could find no verified brackets that have been perfect into the Sweet 16 (through 48 games) at all. There was a widely reported instance of a bracket that was perfect through two rounds in 2010, but there was no way to verify the bracket’s authenticity hp gas online login. It had been entered in an online game where picks could be altered between rounds according to a Deadspin report at the time.

2017: The 2017 tournament saw the longest perfect bracket we’d ever seen at the time, which lasted 39 games before getting an incorrect pick. That bracket was the only one across tens of millions of brackets we tracked to make it through 37 games unscathed, but when 5-seed Iowa State lost to 4-seed Purdue 80-76 in the 40th game of the tournament, its perfect run was over.