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It is important to consistently brush out or deshed their coats to remove dead hair from both the long and overcoats. This will keep your pet at the right temperature year-round and will result in a healthier, happier fur baby. Can I Avoid Shedding?

Many breeds of dogs experience heavy shedding during spring as they lose their thicker winter coat to transition to a lighter summer coat. After the summer once again, they have heavier shedding for the incoming winter coat. As a result, there is no way to reduce or avoid the shedding process. You can use deshedding and dematting tools to aid the process and lessen the chances of hair getting everywhere from your clothes to your car. What Tools Can I Use to Help Matting and Shedding?

The answer to this common question depends on your pet’s breed and fur coat. Thinking about the length of your pet’s hair in addition to how much they shed can help you decide which tool is the most appropriate. There are a wide variety of tools with different characteristics and techniques for use.

The right tool is dependent on the breed and size of your pet. Dog’s with long, curly hair such as the Poodle and Shih Tzu require a tool that won’t pull unnecessarily on their curls which could be very painful for your pet. Make sure to carefully read deshedding and dematting tool descriptions to ensure they are for your specific animal’s hair type, length, and breed to avoid any issues. How Dematting and Deshedding Tools Work

The tool works by lifting the fine, undercoat hair or the mat while you brush through the hair. A deshedder removes the dead, loosened hair. A dematter removes the thickened, matted portions. There are many products that do both jobs of dematting and deshedding at the same time. You can also find double sided choices. These models typically have one side that assists you in deshedding your pets undercoat and another side that works to remove tangles and mated masses. Are These Tools Really Worth Buying?

If you own a pet with fur or hair, then the answer is yes. Cats and dog shed a lot. The use of a deshedding tool can help you to curb shedding almost entirely. This means you will brush out the excess hair rather than it hanging around your home, sticking to your clothing, or traveling to your car or work. A deshedding tool will also help your furry friend’s coat to be healthier, shinier, and much more manageable.

A dematting tool is essential for pets that are prone to tangles and mats. If these issues aren’t dealt with consistently in a prompt manner, the mats will get worse. This could lead to unnecessary pain for your pet, ticks or other parasites, or having to make an expensive trip to the groomer to have your pup completely shaved down. These issues can be stopped with the use of a specialized grooming tool. How Often Should You Use a Dematting Tool?

Incorporating these tools of the trade into your weekly or even daily grooming sessions will allow you to keep shedding and matting fully at bay. Consistent use can also aid in cutting down on any allergies you may experience from your furry friend. Your pet will also grow accustomed to grooming faster if you aim for daily or weekly sessions. The Long and Short of It /h33>

Dematting and deshedding tools are great for long and short haired breeds. There are versions that work well for each No matter what their hair length, all pets should be groomed to avoid excess shedding and mats. How to Use a Dematting Tool

Using a grooming tool to help with deshedding, detangling, and dematting your fuzzy buddy’s hair is easy. Start by examining their fur to see if there are any visible areas of matting. You may want to pretreat these spots with detangling solution or some cornstarch. For deeper tangles, you may need to start with working through the tangles using your fingers to help break them down a bit. Next, gently brush your dog with your dematting tool following the manufacturer’s directions. Work slowly and gently, especially if your pup is young or new to grooming.

You may need to stop periodically to remove excess hair from the tool. Be sure to place the hair in a bag or the trash, so you don’t make a mess. After you’ve worked out the mats and noticed no more undercoat is coming out, you can finish by giving your pet a good scratch and praising their good behavior. Consistency is key to getting your pet to sit politely during grooming and for reducing shedding and mats.

In conclusion, the right dematting tool can be an amazing addition to your pet grooming arsenal. There many different brands and options available that will suit every variety of pet breeds and needs. Thinking about your animal’s hair length and breed can be helpful since pets with curly hair will need a wider toothed option than one with finer, silkier hair.

Grooming your pet and keeping matting and shedding down can be an easy and even fun experience with the right tool. Many of the options currently available actually feel wonderful on your pet’s hair and skin as you comb them. This makes the grooming process easier and faster than ever before. We hope you enjoyed our dematting tool reviews and buyer’s guide. Please leave us a comment with your favorite tips and tricks for removing mats and excess pet hair.