10 Best safe deodorant for kids (may 2018) better safe than sorry! electricity magnetism


Thankfully, in order to combat this, there are numerous products out there that help control a growing child’s body odor. The most popular of which are deodorants. To help you a bit with choosing the perfect one for your child, let’s take look at some of the best deodorants for kids, available in the market.

The market is full of competition and there are thousands of products competing for your attention. However, when it comes to kids, only a few serve the purpose. And only the ones that do, have made it to our list. So here are 10 of best picks, starting with “Fresh Kidz”. 1. Fresh Kidz Boys Natural Deodorant – Best For Boys

This is great for children with skin conditions, specific allergies or those who just prefer a smoother, softer touch instead of the harsh stream of a deodorant spray. The spray in fact sometimes ‘stings’ and may actually be perceived as slightly painful by young teens whose bodies have not fully developed yet.

For $7 a bottle, Fresh Kidz Boys Natural Deodorant is a skin-friendly, healthy and affordable solution that, thanks to its five different flavors, is guaranteed to smell great. A simple product for solving a simple problem at a simple price. What more could you ask for?

It does include minute amounts of Aloe Vera and some vitamins and essential oils, which are meant for soothing the skin, but can still, unfortunately, cause allergic reactions on some individuals. You must be aware of any existing allergies before you try this on.

Whether it is used for a boy or a girl, the Coconut Dream-flavored Fields of Heather deodorant is effective. It comes in a larger package than most, smells great and is completely organic too. Just watch out for any allergies your little one might have.

The main difference is the smell; while the boys’ flavor features a whiff of citrus and a fresh, appealing tone, the girls’ version consists of lavender and vanilla which form a soft floral scent. Both flavors come in the same 1.86 fl oz. package.

The scent is rated to stay on for some 24 hours after being applied and it does seem to manage that figure in real life testing, albeit barely. Like the Truly’s, this deodorant is also cream-based, though its soft enough in consistency and can also be used as a slightly large roller.

The absence of potentially harmful artificial ingredients such as parabens and aluminum makes it safe for the skin. Interestingly, this product belongs to the collection that goes by the name of “Made to Matter”, which makes it a standard natural product. Thus you have very little to worry about.

This product is specially formulated for kids, and provides 24-hour odor protection with a fragrance that reveals its natural essence. No animal ingredient is used, neither is alcohol nor aluminium, which makes it especially desirable to vegans.

The use of essential oils helps to get rid of the bacteria that are responsible for bad smell. When applied to the body, it dries very quickly and doesn’t stick. Your boy will be proud of the soft scent and will always want to announce himself!

A: There’s really no particular age a kid has to attain before he or she is ready to start wearing a deodorant. Instead it has everything to do with the smell. Kids who play a lot or engage in sports are likely to smell a bit stronger. Sometimes, puberty may be the cause. Whatever it is, getting a gentle deodorant like any of the ones mentioned above will really help keep them smelling great and away from harmful chemicals. Q: What age should my daughter wear deodorant?

A: Again, there’s no set age. But if you’re an experienced parent, you will know that girls smell a bit stronger than boys at the same age even if they don’t engage in a lot of physical activities. As soon as you notice a slight odor, please don’t waste any time and let them wear a safe, all natural deodorant. Q: Is it safe for kids to use deodorants at early ages?

A: Of course. Kids can use deodorants at any age. Like we pointed out earlier, babies and toddlers don’t need deodorants because they naturally smell nice. But as soon as they start growing, the natural fragrance begins to rub off. It doesn’t matter whether they are 6 or 14, as long as you want them to continue smelling nice, you can get them to wear deodorants. Q: How long does the cover last?

A: Well, that will depend on the particular product in use. In general, all the products mentioned here provide 24 hour odor protection and only have to be applied once every day. This means each cover is meant to last really long. Q: Is it safe for sensitive skin?

A: In general, all the products listed here are safe for all skin types. They are made from natural ingredients which do not cause skin reactions or hormonal changes. They also have environmental benefits and contain fewer additives which are easily absorbed into the body. However, you may still need to check in with a doctor if you notice rashes or breakout on the skin. There may be existing allergies that you are not aware of.

Any of the above deodorants are a great choice for kids, be it a male or female child. What primarily separates them is their scents, their method of application and some of their ingredients. A careful dissection of all these different aspects is needed to answer the most important question, that is: Which one is best for my child? We hope that, with this guide, you will be able to find the answer. Related Posts: