10 Best xbox one strategy games that will tickle your brain! gas tax


You will have to control the battle in real time, efficiently employ medieval artillery, face a terrible ground attack and use powerful spells to attain victory. The range of weaponry includes Homing Eagles, Apple Grenades, Morningstars, and flying sheep among many others. More Food For Thought

Get together with your near and dear ones to pursue self improvement, achieve world domination and explode sheep. The game comes with tons of worms, numerous landscapes, dynamic water, a vast collection of weapons and ample scope for customization.

• Make the most out of 65 weapons and utilities for the battles. The 10 impressive items out of them are, Mega Mortar, Gravedigger, Winged Monkey, Worm Charm, Oxygen, Whoopsie Cushion, Bovine Blitz, Aqua Pack, Teleport Raygun, and The Equiliser.

The Gemini League comprising of the freedom fighters is now a puny group without leaders and power. And the Empire has utilized the re-opened Starpoint to take over the Gemini sector and beyond. Imperial warship fleets and massive motherships have destroyed all signs of opposition.

But now all of a sudden, the focus is shifted on fortifying the Starpoint, since rumors hint that something terrible is about to come through the T-gate. Something that has caused even the powerful Empire to sit up! So, gear up for an awe-inspiring journey with dark secrets and unbelievable twists which will finally reveal the baffling truth. More Food For Thought

Among the best strategy games for Xbox One, Massive Chalice deserves a special mention. Here you play as an immortal ruler who has to protect his kingdom from a devilish force called the Cadence. The very touch of this powerful enemy can be fatal for humans.

In the strategy mode of the game, you can take long-run decisions as time passes by. And in the tactical mode, you get to command groups of heroes to participate in turn-based combats against the Cadence. Remember that the heroes can be sent to only one location at a time. So you have to decide which battle is more crucial. More Food For Thought

• Couples of the same gender cannot have children of their own. But the chalice can find babies from different parts of the kingdom, to be adopted by such couples. Though such children have different genes, they inherit the personality of their parents.

The Banner Saga’s core is inspired by games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force, where the player gets to build and control a group of characters with the right abilities. So you will have to establish relationships with the characters in a way which helps you, achieve the final result.

As the sequel to Defense Grid: The Awakening, this game has been developed by Hidden Path Entertainment to thrill your brain cells with style. It is considered as one of the best tower defense games till date. You will come across many new worlds and conflicts which challenge your strategy making powers effectively. More Food For Thought

While looking for the top Xbox One strategy games, don’t miss out on Smite. Developed by Hi-Rez Studios, it is a third person multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA game. The close-up third person camera makes you feel intensely involved in the fights.

You can assume the role of your preferred god from an extensive cast, and then employ their awesome powers to defeat the opposition in 5v5 team matches. There are more than 60 gods, demigods, and mythical monsters to choose from. More Food For Thought

A wonderful mix of action, adventure, strategy and simulation, this game makes you see the impact of war through the eyes of civilians and especially children. You are in charge of a group of adults and children who are struggling to survive in a besieged city.

During the day you won’t be able to leave your refuge, because of the snipers outside. So you have to utilize the time to maintain your hideout, and focus on crafting, trading and looking after the civilians. And at night, you have to take one of your people with you to hunt the city for items that will help you to live another day.