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Avocado toast may be taking a slagging of late, with food writer Joanna Blythman questioning the human cost and ecological sustainability of Mexican avocado production, but it’s still a staple in hipster-villes worldwide. Gas weed But even if trend-setters tire of avocado, the toast itself seems here to stay. Gas and electric nyc Fancy toast – or ‘elevated toast’ as it’s dubbed in San Francisco – has become ‘a thing’: basically, we’re talking toast with toppings, so not unlike a good old open sandwich or the Belgian-style tartines sold at Le Pain Quotidien in Kildare Village.

Key to this trend – and indeed a growing trend in itself here in Ireland – is the quality of the bread, with sourdough reigning supreme. Gas finder app The linchpin of good sourdough is allowing time for slow fermentation, something side-stepped by the modern Chorleywood bread-making method used in commercial industrial bread-making. Electricity vs magnetism There’s a growing cohort of the gluten-insensitive devotees who are realising that ‘real bread’ (as advocates call it) is significantly easier on their digestive system. Gas guzzler tax The same goes for pizza dough that features a sourdough starter and has been allowed time for slow fermentation, which is one of the reasons that pizza from Real Bread Ireland members such as Dublin’s Gaillot et Gray and Donegal’s Scarpello & Co goes down so darn easy. Electricity in homes Throughout the month of September, all members of Realbread Ireland will be offering free sourdough starter to any customer interested in trying their hand at making it at home.

Instagram it: Yep. Electricity games online free There’s actually an Instagram account dedicated to ‘All Avo Toast. Electricity water analogy All Day.’ It’s called @avocadotoast and has almost 33K followers.

Then doughnuts got all gourmet on us, with fancy-schmancy shops out-doing themselves to invent the craziest toppings, such as the maple bacon bar doughnut of Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon.

This year, Dublin embraced the glazed and filled doughnut trend, with Dublin Doughnut Company supplying the likes of Hazelnut Praline or Key Lime Pie doughnuts to various city cafés, Aungier Danger (pictured above) popping up in Arnotts and not being allowed to leave, Krust Bakery selling out within hours of opening and Revolution Bakery food truck selling their sticky wares at Sunday’s Herbert Park food market.

Others went a different route, with Stoneground Donuts in Kildare Village producing old-school ring doughnuts served hot to order and topped with Irish Atlantic Sea Salt caramel or Big Red Kitchen seasonal jams. Electricity 101 Meanwhile The Rolling Donut – a fixture on O’Connell Street since 1988 – are holding their own with a new store on Bachelors Walk.

Instagram it: Follow @slicedublin7 and their #durtydonutthursday for weekly updates on their latest doughnut offering, inspired all summer by some of our favourite ice-creams (a 99 doughnut anyone, or Loop the Loop?) but moving to chocolate bars for the autumn season.

Netflix’s hit series Chef’s Table has a lot to answer for. Electricity meme As does one of the stars of its first series – the incorrigible free spirit that is the fire-loving Argentinian chef Francis Mallman. Gas x side effects liver The low’n’slow barbecue craze that was already sweeping the globe was further fanned by Mallman’s unique outdoor pursuits of slow cooking beast-based feasts over an open fire.

Now it seems we’re all tripping over fire pits and batting off flying chickens, as anyone who visited the recent Big Grill festival in Dublin’s Herbert Park will bear witness to. Ag gaston funeral home birmingham al In its third year, the festival has been fostering lots of home-grown barbecue talent. Gas stoichiometry practice One of the festival’s original stars and former head chef at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa, John Relihan now heads up Holy Smoke in Cork (pictured above), while the festival organiser, Andy Noonan, is behind Fowl Play in Dublin’s Hogan Place. 76 gas station locations This poultry-focussed eatery offers spatchcocked chuck cooked rotisserie-style over an oak fire-pit.

That full-blown love of fire is coupled with a growing love of all things smoked and charred. Electricity load profile Don’t be surprised to find smoked salt or smoked butter gracing your dinner table or smoked ketchup turning up in your burger. Electricity off And while the likes of leek ash have been counted amongst the gastronomic arsenal of Michelin-starred chefs such as Mikael Viljanen of The Greenhouse for some years now, we’re seeing more and more charred or burnt vegetables and even fruits appearing on the plate.

Where the terms ‘vegetarian’ and ‘vegan’ once evoked a diet based on exclusion, the common contemporary descriptors of ‘flexitarian’ and ‘plant-based diet’ suggest an inclusive philosophy based on discerning choices. Gas urban dictionary For many of the new breed of veg-centric chefs and home cooks, it’s about placing vegetables such as hero celeriac or aubergine centre-plate – and perhaps using meat as a garnish or a seasoning support to the main act, or perhaps not. Power quiz questions Today’s vegetables often substitute for both protein (think cauliflower steaks) and carbs (courgette spaghetti). Electricity and magnetism physics The appreciation for heirloom varieties has expanded from imported tomatoes to local Irish fruit and veg such as apples and potatoes. X men electricity mutant And edible flowers are prettying up plates coast to coast.

Meanwhile, a new breed of casual dining cafés, trucks and delivery services are focussing on healthy veg-centric dishes. Z gas el salvador precios Piply, the latest venture from Garret Keogh of Brother Hubbard and Sister Sadie, will deliver the likes of hummus with crispy chick pea granola and edamame beans (pictured above) straight to your door, while the former pop-up Sova Food: Vegan Butcher has found a permanent home next door to the vegetable-loving Meet Me in the Morning café on Dublin’s Pleasant’s Street.

Instagram it: Keep an eye on @veginitydublin to stay up to speed on the weekly menus rolled out at this Dublin-based vegan food truck, which have recently included rarities like Ethiopian injera with misir wat (fermented teff-based bread with berber-spiced lentil stew).

Try it: Order the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Homemade Chips & HappyMayo / Ketchup €7.50 from HappyFood on Camden Street (available with Deliveroo).

Cook it: Edible flowers, available in the likes of Fallon & Byrne, can be preserved for a later occasion within the clever petal-strewn popsicles found on chewtown.com/2013/09/edible-flower-elder flower-popsicles

From Michelin-starred chefs to savvy consumers, the question of how to eat responsibly is informing several sub-trends. Gas pains or contractions Leading Californian chef Daniel Patterson has headed up a revolutionary fast-food chain, Loco’l, to bring nutritious affordable food to the most underprivileged neighbourhoods. B games basketball Italian chef Massimo Bottura (pictured above), currently dubbed the world’s top chef – and one of its most popular too thanks to his charm offensive on Netflix’s Chef’s Table – has coordinated the transformation of waste food from large-scale events such as the Olympics in Rio and the Expo in Milan into delicious and nutritious food for those citys’ poorest. Gas jet size chart Bottura will appear as one of 50 international chef speakers in Galway next October at Food on the Edge, a kind of Ted Talks for cutting edge chefs interested in considering the theme of the Future of Food.

Also in Galway, chef Enda McEvoy’s Michelin-starred Loam restaurant has become Ireland’s first independent restaurant to achieve three ‘Food Made Good Stars’ from the UK-based Sustainable Restaurant Association. Electricity deregulation map The Loam kitchen team employ a nose-to-tail and leaf-to-root philosophy, using as much of each animal and plant as possible. J gastrointest surg They send compostable waste back to their fruit and veg suppliers, Leaf and Root, to help grow next year’s crop at this Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in Loughrea, Co Galway.

Try it: Airfield Estate in Dundrum, Co Dublin will host a Trash Bash Supper next Friday, September 9, described as a “sumptuous supper from unloved surplus food from around Dublin”. Electricity jokes puns See airfield.ie/whats-on for details.

Cook It: The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson (2004) proved a seminal cookbook in changing people’s mindset towards eating all parts of an animal.

Non-alcoholic craft drinks have become a new frontier for experimentation in restaurants, cafés, food stalls and trucks. Grade 6 science electricity test Fermented drinks are particularly hot, with stalls such as the Cork-based My Goodness refreshing and re-alkalising festival-goers with their elaborate kefir-based fruit sodas. A level physics electricity questions and answers (Kefir can be milk-based too, prompting a new Irish kefir ice-cream offering a gut-friendly treat; kefi.ie.) Kombucha is the tea-lover’s choice, with options such as Watermelon-Ginger & Green Tea Kombucha drawing regulars at Dublin’s Veginity food truck, while the Fumbally Café offers a range of seasonal homemade probiotic drinks.

Traditional drinking vinegars are making a comeback too: this weekend, Shannen Butler-Keane’s demo at the Electric Picnic’s Theatre of Food celebrates the rise of shrubs (a style of flavoured vinegar-based syrups recently revived by moustache-touting mixologists) and switchels (an electrolyte-boosting blend of cider vinegar, maple syrup and ginger).

‘Sober cocktails’ are holding their own on carefully considered drinks lists, whether using pre-prepped house syrups (as in Charlotte Quay’s delicious hibiscus spritzer, the Queen Medbh) or made-to-order mocktails (such as Bow Lane’s Not So Bloody Bleedin Maire, a kick-ass spiced tomato juice). Natural electricity examples Ireland now boasts several new tonic water brands that are good enough to drink solo, including the rosemary and orange-flavoured Poachers and the kefir-based tonic from Herbel Crest (pictured above), as well as ‘optimised water’ brands such as Nué featuring Irish Atlantic sea minerals.

Try it: Check out a recipe for kefir and kombucha ohmygood nessfood.com/fermentation or pick up a kombucha starter pack from one of their Cork market stalls.

Buy it: Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers shrubs are pro-biotic organic Irish apple cider vinegar flavoured with everything from gorse and honeysuckle to elderberry and dandelion petal, wildirishforagers.ie