10 Months! – prison talk electricity and magnetism online games


*Parole is still going well. He’s still considered low risk and we’ve put good use to his travel passes. It’s nice only having to check in every 3 months, and we only have one mode home visit ever! Almost one year of parole completed and one year to go.

*We flew to Vegas earlier this month and tied the knot in a cheesy Elvis chapel. It was just us and it was perfection ❤️. At 8 months preggo I wasn’t doing a lot of partying or, well, moving around in general, but we ate allllll the food and saw some great shows and spent way too much money!

*He has a great job with an oil and gas company with a lot of potential to grow. This is first gig he’s had with a legit business and it’s so nice. He really enjoys it. He’s working a TON so I could leave my job and stay home for a while, which I appreciate. I have a new respect for working pregnant moms, cuz that was NOT easy! And he just has a new ease and confidence about him now that he feels like he can take care of me. He’s always contributed in every way he possibly could, but I think it secretly bothered him that I was the primary breadwinner. That ego.

* Our relationship has grown and evolved in so many ways for the better. A year ago I had no clue when he’d be home and every daydream I had about how it would be was so incredibly off. It’s been so much harder but so much more amazing at the same time. Prison strives to strip away humanity and turn our inmates into animals, and in a lot of ways they succeeded with my husband. I remember breaking down and crying a month or so after he came home and wondering if things would ever just be normal. He was loving and attentive and adventurous, but he was also aggressive and angry and paranoid and dependent and had zero control over his emotions. Talk about a roller coaster. But bit by bit, those things have melted away. Some of if I attribute to time, some of it to crazy hard work on his part. I’m so incredibly proud of the man he’s become.

My family still hasn’t come around and I doubt they ever will at this point. My mother and brother made themselves quite clear that they’ll have nothing to do with him (although they’ve still never met him). For instance, my mother wanted to see me for Christmas, but wanted me to come celebrate at my ex husbands house without my current husband. I struggled a lot with it, but in the end I just can’t play their games. I can’t have my kids (or our soon to be son) involved in that kind of exclusion and toxicity. I haven’t heard from any of them since I told them we were an all or nothing package….other than an out-of-nowhere fed on our wedding day saying “It’s a sad day for our whole family.” Thanks mom. I ignored it (because what do you say to something like that?) and now according to her my husband is super controlling and won’t “allow” me to see or talk to her. She just writes whatever narrative suits her.

*His PTSD has been doing the most lately. Neither of us have been sleeping well because of the nightmares and the yelling and flailing and other things he does in his sleep. Not too long ago he actually jumped out of bed and stood up fighting someone in his sleep. Along with that comes crazy high anxiety, short tempers, and possible mental breakdowns. And once upon a time, prior to me, drugs. He doesn’t like to talk about it because he doesn’t like to worry me, but he’s my other half so I always know. He handled this most recent spiral pretty damn well if I do say so myself, but I think he needs more help than he’s willing to accept. It’s frustrating but I can’t force it.

Anyway, overall things are going really, really well. My two little ones adore him (my teenager hates everyone) and for the most part we’re living a normal, low key life now. We’re still totally and completely in love and committed and counting down the days until our family grows and we get to meet our little man <3