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The police report states that Baum and his live-in girlfriend, Morgan Henderson, were first contacted by police on Jan. 9. In the Utah County police report, the girlfriend was identified as Morgan Lewis, but she’s identified in Sanpete County booking records as Morgan Henderson.

Baum and Henderson said he had not heard from the missing teens, the police report states, but a search warrant allowed law enforcement to obtain a string of Facebook messages between Henderson and Powell on the day the teens went missing, showing that Powell had agreed to meet at the couple’s house.

Henderson was interviewed by police again in March, when she told police that Baum later told her he knew the teens had come over to the house, and he had told her not to have male guests over and that “it was too bad, because he had never killed anyone innocent before.”

Baum told Henderson he did not have time to dig a grave, the report said, and hid what Henderson believed to be cellphone in a sludge barrel near their house. Police were able to locate multiple destroyed phones in that barrel along with lengths of rope, used duct tape, pieces of two knife sheaths, roofing nails, baby wipes and plastic sacks.

After the bodies were found in the mine, Henderson told police she had seen Powell and Otteson tied up in the back of the Jeep the night they went missing, and Baum told her to get in the Jeep to go for a ride. She told police Baum used a knife to kill the teens before dumping them in a mine.

Baum has an extensive criminal record prior to these charges. According to Utah court records, Baum was previously charged with murder in 1991. Court records for that case are not available digitally, but the Daily Herald is attempting to attain them through other methods. He was also later charged with aggravated assault for his part in a prison riot while serving time at the Central Utah Correctional Facility at Gunnison.

The Utah County Attorney’s Office reportedly closed the case of a woman who said Joseph Bishop, a former president of the Missionary Training Center, raped her while she was training to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“After thorough review and careful consideration, I have determined that I cannot pursue criminal charges against Mr. Bishop. I have no reason to doubt the victim’s disclosure, and would have likely prosecuted Mr. Bishop, but for the expiration of the statute of limitations,” Sturgill’s report states.

According to reports, the woman told BYU police that while at the MTC, Bishop asked her to come with him from a classroom to see a room where he would prepare for his duties. The room had a bed, TV, VHS tapes and chair. The two sat on a bed, at which point he tried to kiss her, though she resisted.

When Bishop was asked to explain why his account about the rape was different than hers, he said he either can’t remember it or that her account was exaggerated. He said he doesn’t remember the room having a bed, TV or VHS tapes, according to reports.

The woman met with Bishop under the guise of a reporter in 2017. She told him she wanted to speak to him about his church service, but instead confronted him about the 1984 incident. He reportedly said he committed all the acts described, omitting the alleged rape and the layout of the room, and apologized for his actions.

“We made contact with Joseph and told him he shouldn’t have contact with the victim since he is involved in a criminal investigation as the suspect,” police reported. “He agreed he wouldn’t and wanted to tell us that (the woman) said he was part of a bigger picture and that she told him she wanted to expose the LDS church to this.”

In 2010, she contacted LDS Church headquarters in an attempt to find out the results of her reports and if Bishop had been disciplined. When they told her she couldn’t get that information, she made a threat over the phone about killing Bishop. Pleasant Grove police officers interviewed her; no charges were filed, reports state.