10 Precious moments to celebrate 6 years with vixx soompi gas vs diesel mpg


Hands up if you cried watching VIXX’s first win on a music show! Watching them getting teary over their first trophy for “Voodoo Doll” is an emotional rollercoaster in itself, but listening to Hakyeon’s meaningful words makes this moment even more beautiful. VIXX wouldn’t be the same without our thoughtful and fantastic leader, N. Starlights, let’s give VIXX many more wins in the future so that we can see their bright smiles and happy tears!

VIXX’s first official sub-unit, consisting of main vocalist Leo and rapper Ravi, is a blessing in itself and their debut single “Beautiful Liar” belongs to VIXX’s best songs. What makes it even more special is the way Leo slays those high notes every damn time. The T in Taekwoon definitely stands for talent.

Appearing on various talent and variety shows, cutie main vocal Ken has showed us numerous times just how skilled he is. His powerful voice is essential for all of VIXX’s comeback tracks, but he does exceptionally well on these shows as well. From “ King of Mask Singer” to “ Duet Song Festival,” he takes every opportunity to make every Starlight fall in love with him a little bit more. His performance on “The Last Song” was one of the most outstanding ones!

The boys might want to forget their “Superhero” era, but we still can’t get enough of main rapper Ravi’s coolest lines. The moment we hear the first beats of the song, our minds will go all “Yeah, I wanna win this race” and “Yes sir, show we gonna make it rookie’s time, race is exciting” in an instant.

Ravi’s lines will stay iconic forever, but he improved so much since their debut! Releasing countless mixtape tracks and even debuting as a solo artist, he is one of the most successful idol rappers of their generation. Hongbin slaying crossdressing

One thing to know about VIXX’s visual Hongbin is that he despises crossdressing and doing girl group dances. Yet, we’ve had the chance to witness him dressing up as a girl multiple times. The memorable performance of “So Hot” with VIXX girls; the Boy’s Day special stage for “Something” with BTOB’s Minhyuk, NU’EST’s Ren, and A-Jax’s Seungjin; and the drama parody of “ W“… Hongbin surely shows us many times how to be the perfect girl.

That’s it. That’s the story. Writing a list about VIXX’s greatest moments and not mentioning maknae Sanghyuk’s painful adventure at the gas station would be a sin. There’s this unwritten rule that you can’t be a true Starlight until you’ve seen this video, so if you have not yet met Hyuk’s desperate screams after his groupmates left him, it’s high time to see this! And if you’ve watched this way too many times already, one more couldn’t hurt, right?

Thankfully this unfortunate turn of events didn’t leave a huge scar on Hyuk and he became a truly talented artist, a great singer, and a passionate dancer. He also decided to take part in the songwriting of VIXX’s latest album, “Eau De VIXX.” Listen to his self-composed song, “Good Day”!

Don’t let VIXX play games. Whatever the occasion, they will probably try everything to win – even if it means crossing some lines and ignoring some rules. It’s nothing serious though, and if anything, it just makes every variety show a lot more entertaining. These boys are just keeping it real at all times and that makes it impossible not to adore them.

Korea was left in shock after VIXX’s performance at last year’s 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejun. Their performance with breathtaking costumes and a choreography by leader N was the most popular stage of the night and it ranked first in Naver TV’s ranking of most popular videos for days. No wonder, as this whole performance is magical.

There are just so many things to love about the relationship between Starlights and VIXX! The six boys love and trust their fans so much and they take every chance to show us their affection and appreciation. Starlights have so many songs written only for them and so many great presents from the boys, they can be nothing else but thankful for them. Let’s hope for many, more beautiful moments with VIXX in the future, too!

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