10 Questions to ask yourself when choosing a fitness path muscle and health gas leak in car


You might be someone who prefers sports over the confines of the gym. Or, you might find that you love the safety and predictability of the gym, but you hate driving there, or waiting for the machines you want to use. electricity in salt water Or you might hate both sports and the gym, and feel more drawn to yoga or Pilates. You might be open to anything, yet have a limited budget.

• “What excites me the most about getting fit?” Is it showing off your new body to the opposite sex – or that frenemy who is always getting under your skin? Do you want to be able to play softball with your grandkids? Or do you want your next cholesterol numbers to knock your doctor’s socks off? Knowing what excites you can help you choose the shortest path to get there.

• “Am I an introvert or extrovert?” Extroverts get more energy from being around other people. shell gas credit card 5 Introverts feel drained by large groups, and need time alone to recover. Don’t join a group fitness class if you’re an introvert who is forced to interact with lots of people at work. You’ll find yourself wanting to make excuses not to go. On the other hand, don’t choose solo running if you’re an extrovert. electricity usage by state Join a running group and train for a neighborhood fun run!

• “What is my budget?” Fitness is priceless, but gym memberships are not. There are some wonderful low-cost options for gym memberships. Go in person, and negotiate for the best price. Make sure they know you’re serious and ready to join today, but you need the right price. gas ks I’ve never had a gym NOT work with me. gas bubble However, you can always buy a fitness band and just work out at home. Getting fit does not have to break the bank!

• “Do I have support?” Is your family on board with your decision? Sometimes significant others secretly fear or resent the changes you’re trying to make – especially if you haven’t involved them. Even if they don’t want to do it themselves, let them help you pick out a gym, or go shopping with you for the perfect cross-training shoes. It can help them feel more involved. zyklon b gas canister for sale It can also help you choose the activity that will garner the most support.

• “How much time do I want to devote to learning this new skill?” If you choose a sport, such as racquetball or tennis, how much time do you have to play? Do you already know how to play, or do you need lessons before it can be a good source of exercise? If so, how much time can you realistically devote? (Don’t say none! This is too important, and we all have SOME time. We just have to be realistic about how much).

• “What is my ultimate goal?” Do you just want to feel younger and healthier, or do you have an actual weight-loss goal? Playing golf, for example (without the golf cart) can be a nice, gentle way to move the body and occupy the mind. However, if you have a serious weight-loss goal, you’ll have to focus more attention on food choices; golf on its own will not get you there. a level physics electricity questions and answers That’s fine, just make sure your activity matches your goals.

• “How will I keep myself motivated?” If you choose a solo-sport or fitness activity, instead of a group activity or sport, you’ll have to be your own motivator. When the going gets tough, how will you stay inspired? It’s good to think about this ahead of time so you don’t find yourself making excuses instead of making gains. There are many ways to do this – videos, magazines, coaches, accountability partners, and, of course, blogs!

• “Why am I doing this?” The “why” is always the most important part. You have to consider the “why” every step of the way. The “why” will keep you going when the “how” gets boring or tough. gas near me prices The ultimate “why” is that you’re worth it! The body was meant to move; it was not meant to sit in a chair for hours on end. So, you must move to the point of sweating because, if you don’t, your body will eventually pay the price. It’s much cheaper – and saves more time – to get fit now. Paying hospital bills, and lying in a bed hoping to recover, is extremely expensive and time-consuming. Invest in yourself now and reap the benefits later.