10 Texpo energy customer reviews texas electricity ratings gas x extra strength vs ultra strength


Very unhappy customer “ I received my latest bill in the mail on Friday, Nov 10. The statement was printed Oct 31st. That’s 10 days for me to receive the statement. The payment was due on the 16th. Something’s already wrong here. Considering that there was no mail on Saturday for Veteran’s Day and the next available mailing day was Monday the 13th, that’s 3 days – close but as their location is local, seemed like enough time. Apparently my check never made it to the bean counters. I received a rather dunning email saying that my payment was late. I called Texpo to see if it had been received yet. The young lady was arrogant and would not even consider that the check was lost or working through their system. I was assumed to be a deadbeat. I asked about a physical location to deliver the payment in person. There is none!! They have no physical presence in Houston. Where are they, in New Delhi? I was obligated to stop payment on the check, which I did in person at my bank and took care of the bill on-line. That’s money that I did not want to spend and time which I did not want to squander. I will not continue with this worthless and disrespectful organization. It costs $175 to break the contract. Well worth it. Dont even consider Texpo. ”

electric shock in the brain “ We have been doing buisness for this company for a while now and we have been very disappointed with their professionalism, there is no comminication between the workers or with customers when we changed address’s they sent us our final bill for this home which we paid ,then after we had moved and been in our new home for several months we get a call saying they were cutting off our power on christmas eve for a past due ammout from other property for 60 bucks ,this enraged me because we paid the bill for the last property and it said final, now i get one several months later when i called they basicly said it was their mistake that they had refigured after we paid the final bill,and seen we still owed 60, and we still have to pay by christmas eve or they will disconnect,i told them how unfair this was money is tight during christmas and i had to scrape to pay my 190.00 bill and now i have to pay and additional 60 that i didnt know i owed and still dont believe i owe. ”

Texpo gets even worse “ This is a follow up to my previous review that has not been posted as of this writing. Texpo, having given me just three days to pay my last bill, sent me a dunning email informing me that my payment was late. I realized that Texpo or the USPS must have lost my payment. I called Texpo in an effort to pay the bill in person, but the arrogant millennial that answered the phone said that was not possible as they had no physical location. She was lying. I asked if the payment had arrived and she rudely said no and that my service would be disconnected if I did not pay very soon. So I stopped payment on the check at expense to me, and payed the bill online plus the penalty. Today I received an even more malicious letter from Kevin Meers, who presumably works at or for Texpo. The letter threatened cancellation of service in addition to legal action. I have had it with these vituperative dregs of society. I would have never known just how evil these people were if they or the USPS had not lost the payment. Up to this episode I would have ranked them as OK. Im glad I found out. Please do not consider this company as a provider. Thanks for reading. Very unhappy future ex-customer. ”