10 Things you need to know about croatia’s lighthouse festival pulseradio gas laws worksheet answers and work


It combines classy musical offerings from across house, techno, experimental and disco, and essential environmental initiatives, immersive audio visual delights, great food, pool parties, hot air balloon raves, a pop-up cinema, special juice bar and dancehall beach with Bacardi. This one is going to be special.

In keeping with their aim to minimise the impact of the festival, LHF has various initiatives in place during your stay. You cannot drop cigarette butts, you will not be able to find plastic straws on site, glitter must be of the biodegradable sort, all cups are biodegradable, and the beach floor party space will be shut for two hours a day in order for it to be thoroughly cleaned. There will also be a range of recycling bins on site, and tap water is free with reusable bottles available. The sound systems are next level

Pro Performance is a highly specialised company that makes innovative solutions in the area of acoustic irradiation. Lambda Labs is a highly innovative speaker production company. Together, they will create a mind-blowing sound experience for festival goers, with Pro Performance having developed a new acoustic concept for the much loved Nassraum Floor. The precise sound of these bass absorbing membranes make you feel more than just the beat. You can buy special Adidas sneakers on site

Next to this, you will also be able to buy Adidas trainers made in partnership with Parley for the Oceans and constructed from waste plastic. They were released in limited runs last year to celebrate World Oceans Day and have helped advance the critical issue of sustainability by making it visible to a new audience.

From Wednesday on there will be a limited number of 50 Parley x adidas shoes on a first-come, first-served basis. Lighthouse Festival has also paired up with adidas to create a special limited clothing collection, which you can buy at the showroom. This year sees the launch of the LHF modular lab

Modular synths are key to creating electronic music for everyone from Floating Points to James Holden, Aphex Twin to Blawan. In celebration of that, this year LHF will host an event that is “somewhere in between workshop and jam session with showcases towards the end. A cosy get together at the outdoor ambient floor from 4PM till 1AM, where nothing is mandatory but anything can happen.”

The Experiment Intrinsic crew will be at Lighthouse Festival for the second time, bringing their intimate, mystical project that combines ambient-oriented music, visual arts, and workshops related to personal well-being. The combination of these elements creates an unique multi-sensory experience that serves to heal through limitless experimentation with the arts. The line-up is pure quality

Lighthouse is not just another long list of predictable headliners who play everywhere else all summer long. It offers a wealth of underground names you might not know but who really deserve your attention, and that is part of the joy of the festival: placing your trust in the organisers and developing a new found love for an artist you never knew existed. Next to that, quality selectors like Lovefingers, Jamie Tiller, Donna Leake, DJ Deeon, Moodymann, Octo Octa and a live show from Amp Fiddler bring real depth and quality. You can listen in live

Even if you cannot make it to LHF, you can stream some of the sets live on Munich’s Radio 80000. Just download the app or head to their website, and stream nine hours a day from Wednesday to Saturday, and four hours on the final day. Valamar Riviera is environmentally aware

The Valamar Riviera, which hosts the festival, has also strived for sustainability and environmental protection. 100 percent of the electricity for Valamar is provided by renewable sources, 14 of the beaches hold the Blue Flag—an international symbol of quality for a preserved environment—and there is an going transition to electric vehicles, which are used for transporting guests and goods around the resort. There is plenty of visual and concept art to enjoy

A whole host of carefully selected artists will offer a world of art for you to discover and explore. From video robots to light installations, visual displays to alliances between technological time lapses and artistic currents via short films, computer associated designs and so much more, you will never be left short of mind expanding things to do at LHF. You can do yoga on site

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced yoga practitioner, LHF offers three different 75-minute yoga classes for you to enjoy. They will be hosted by Marta, a 15-year veteran who will encourage you to breathe consciously, move smoothly and enjoy the physical challenges that yoga has to offer with Let It Flow, Detox & Shine and Anti-Jet Lag themes.