100 years ago in redlands_ city gets electric fire alarm system gas hydrates wiki

After an interval of five months since the order was given to the Gamewell Fire Alarm company for an automatic electric alarm system, the city today succeeded in having it installed at the fire hall. Jacob Maier, employed by the Souther California Edison Company, did the job of installing the alarm and making connections. Electricity history pdf The Gamewell company agreed originally to send a man here to do the work of putting the apparatus in place and getting it in working order, but later it was arranged to have the Edison company install the electric gong and alarm system. Under the new system, the city is divided into districts, and the gong will strike the number of strokes which indicates the district containing the fire, whenever the alarm is received.

The gong will do the general public a service by conveying knowledge as to the quarter of the city in which the fire is located and will be particularly useful through the prompt information given to volunteer fire fighters. Hoodlums have been manifesting their hostility to the cause of a dry California by destroying the boxes placed about the city as racks to hold prohibition reading matter.

A number of the repositories for temperance literature were stationed in conspicuous places, where it might be possible to attract the attention of readers. K electric bill payment online During the past few nights several of these boxes have been demolished, and the contents scattered or destroyed. The matter has been called to the notice of the police, who will investigate. Gas house edwards co Permission to erect the racks for prohibition arguments was obtained from the board of city trustees.

People on the downtown streets looked up with alarm this forenoon when the new electric apparatus on the fire hall struck several resonant strokes on the gong. But the occasion of the bell clapping was not a conflagration, or even a brush fire; it was caused by tests applied by Chief Ed. Gas variables pogil key H. Save electricity pictures Mosbaugh, who wanted to make sure that the automatic alarm system just installed is in good working order.

The test was satisfactory, so any fire now that occurs in Redlands will be announced by the new system. Electricity lab physics The machinery that strikes the gong is weighted with metal amounting to something over 1,000 pounds. Imbued with the confidence that no better investment can be found than Redlands citrus fruit property, Edward M. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade Cope, who last year showed his faith by purchasing the Tilton 20-acre orange grove on the heights, has just increased his local real estate holdings by buying a 10-acre grove of Valencias located on the north side of West Colton Avenue, near the Santa Fe railroad crossing. The syndicate from whom Mr. Gas under 3 dollars Cope made the purchase was represented in the transaction by the Grigsby Realty Company.

Electricity in india travel The trees on the place are seven years old and in prime condition, as the grove has always had the best of care. Electricity austin It is regarded as one of the best orange orchard properties in the district. The consideration paid by Mr. Gas nozzle stuck in car Cope was $15,000, and with the exception of two lots at the corner of Walnut and Pacific given by him, the deal was a cash proposition.

Members of the Grigsby Realty Company see in the frequency of recent citrus property sales conclusive evidence that the tide of business prosperity is reaching the west and that Redlands is in its course. Redlands’ Hughes and Fairbanks club met last night in the city hall, with President C.A. Electricity drinking game Tripp in the chair to make arrangements for the conduct of the campaign.

Gas zauberberg There was a good attendance, Paul W. Gasco abu dhabi contact Moore acting as secretary in the absence of W.B. Gas x strips walmart Johnson, the official recorder of the minutes. It was decided to enter at once on an active campaign for all the candidates of the Republican party, and to that end the executive committee was authorized to secure headquarters and hire an assistant secretary to take charge of them for the time intervening between now and Nov. Gas estimator 7. Electricity trading strategies Several locations were spoken of, and the committee will choose among them today.

Electricity kwh cost uk It is likely that Samuel Knight, nominee for assemblyman in this district, will take charge of the room. Gas up yr hearse That seemed to be the consensus of opinion last night, if Mr. Electricity and circuits test Knight can make it convenient to do so. Electricity tower vector He will take up the problems of registration, and of other details necessary to an intelligent handling of campaign matters. Weeping skies being unpropitious for meandering about town in pajamas, the men of the University of Redlands today postponed for one week from tonight their annual pajamerino.

Gas house This decision was announced this afternoon by Gardner Turrill, president of the student body. Next Saturday evening the masculine half of the University of Redlands student body will congregate at the Casa Loma Hotel, change their everyday garb for the gay pajama and proceed to serpentine through the principal streets of the city. A prominent part in the hilarity will be taken by Herbert Hill, who is the university yell leader and will direct the staccato college cries with which the boys plan to make the welkin ring.

Clinton Campbell, who demonstrated his noise-producing ability during former years when he was university yell leader, will assist in making the occasion sufficiently vociferous. The motto to be pasted in the hats of male students this week is: “Save the date and save a ducking.” Men of the student body who fail to answer to their names when the roll is called before the start down Orange Street will be soused in the Zanja — such is the immutable custom.

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