101 Ways to fuel your ironman race day amy says so dynamic electricity examples


It’s confusing and there are tons of products out there how can you know which ones will work best for you? There are a lot of people who are happy to charge you to tell you a precise formula or sell you a special product that they guarantee will work. I won’t do that because I personally believe that everybody does this differently. We aren’t all the same

Who you ask will obviously impact the answer you get. If you ask people who never ride over 40 miles what you should use to fuel your 112 mile bike ride you might not get the right answer. mp electricity bill payment online indore Also if you ask a cyclist how to fuel you could get a very different answer than if you ask a triathlete. For this experiment I asked people who had completed Ironman races to share how they actually fueled for their events.

Should you ask people who work in triathlon or cycling or running stores? It’s a good place to start but of course they will only suggest items that they sell. That’s just the way the world works. This is one reason it gets so confusing because almost all the information out there is created by people who sell these products so of course they say it’s great.

When I started transitioning from runner to triathlete I fueled exactly like I did for running which is to say that I drank water and ate gels. To be honest I only did that on the run. Then when I started riding with a group it was recommended that I use some Gatorade in my bottles instead of water and I did that. electricity font generator That was an improvement for sure. online electricity bill payment It was good advice. Long course nutrition is sometimes very different than shorter races

I asked one of my training partners who had already completed a 70.3 what she used to fuel and she told me she used Perpetuem from Hammer. I asked her where to buy it and I went right out and bought some. I tried it for a mid-week training and it was like an experiment in how fast can I vomit. There is nothing wrong or bad with Perpetuem. Hammer makes great products and I mean that. It works really well for thousands of people. I just personally don’t tolerate this particular product well. gas mask bong how to use I needed to find something else. This was also a first person lesson on the fact that what works for somebody else might not work for you.

This is where the sage racing advice of “don’t try anything new on race day” is so important. If we’re being honest of course we all try new things on race day but you do want to try not to have any HUGE new things that might make you vomit. AMIRIGHT? This is my other cabinet of nutrition that lives in the kitchen near my water bottles. Infinite, E-Fuel sample that I haven’t tried, EFS which my friend Mike gave me and Base Aminos which taste … like Aminos which is to say … not delicious.

I can tell you that just within my close circle of clients and training friends we are all different. Some people are very simple and other people really do calculate how many grams of carbs they are taking in per hour as they go. My friend Carolyn loves to chew on sweet things through the race. How did I find 101 ways to fuel an Ironman race?

I tried to change nothing. I removed only the ones that weren’t really answers. I did get a few people who said things like, “it took me 10 years to figure out so I’m not going to share.” Or more glibly, “eat whatever I want when I’m hungry.” Which that actually might be their strategy but I wasn’t sure so I left it out. static electricity definition physics Everything else I included and other than removing the last name I didn’t even edit the answers.