11 Best bottle warmers for babies (may. 2018) – buyer’s guide and reviews electricity synonyms


This product has a temperature ceiling which keeps the milk from exceeding unsafe temperature levels. It hits two birds with one stone, so to speak, as you get the quick heating results of steam but the nutrient preserving qualities of a water bath.

The water bath heats breast milk and formula evenly and ensures there are no ‘hot spots’. Whereas many bottle warmers will auto shutoff after the water in the unit has run out, this model provides a control dial which allows you to set the timer dependent on the bottle size. Simply following the instructions provided removes all the guess work.

A potentially headache inducing task is made an easy feat thanks to a cool-down period of only 3 minutes between each heating cycle – it’s significantly faster than some other models on this list (such as the Boon Orb bottle warmer). Furthermore; the reservoir only requires a refill once a day and not after each bottle. Lastly, this unit will remember your previous setting so you can automatically set it to that if your using the same sized bottle.

The Maxx Elite mainly falters on its design. There are no measurement marks on the reservoir so you need to measure the water manually. In addition, if you use a particularly tall bottle, the lid won’t close which is required for the Maxx Elite to function correctly. However; we are still to meet anyone or see a report about a bottle not being able to fit in this warmer.

Upon completion of a cycle, the green LED light associated with the setting you are using will transition from blinking to solid. Considering the way this bottle warmer works, the auto shut-off serves its purpose well as you don’t have to be around during the gentle warming or sterilizing processes. However; we do advise you stick around if you are using the express setting as overheating may occur after prolonged use.

It’s clear the biggest selling point for this bottle warmer is its “gentle and steady warm” functionality that heats the milk to a safe temperature and keeps it warm for hours at a time. Such a feature makes the bottle warmer perfect for night feeds where having a pre-warmed milk bottle is highly convenient. All in all, this offering from Maxx Elite comes with our approval and it would be wise to consider purchasing one for yourself.

The major benefit however; is that the slow warming process minimizes the chance of overheating break milk. If you didn’t know, heating breast milk above 104 °F causes damage to the nutrients and its for this reason that water bath baby bottle warmers remain a popular choice.

These bottle warmers heat the contents of bottles faster than their water bath counterparts as they use super-hot steam to do the job. This makes them great for sterilizing pacifiers or for use on formula which is less sensitive to high temperatures.

The bad news is that they are more prone to heating up breast milk to unsafe temperatures, as well as generating ‘hot spots’ which leaves milk that is unevenly heated. Steam bottle warmers also pose a greater safety risk in that they can cause the bottle to be uncomfortably hot. You’ll find most steam bottle warmers to have a lid mechanism which protects the user from rising steam.

These offer the best of both worlds by providing the speed of steam and the gentle warming capabilities of water. Bottle warmers with this mechanism usually provide two modes – one for steaming and the other for a water bath. However; these additional options usually bump up the price. Features

Health and Safety: When it comes to bottle warmers, health and safety is paramount. We are dealing with your babies food after all. Ensuring that milk is not overheated is a great start. Other things like making sure the bottle or bottle warmer doesn’t get too hot is another thing to consider as you don’t want to get burned. Furthermore; you also want to ensure if the bottle warmer is compatibly with plastic and glass.

To be fair, all bottle warmers are somewhat portable. They are usually about as large as a big flask and weigh 1 – 3 lbs. However; they all require electricity. If you want something truly portable you need it to be a complete self-contained unit.

Consider the following questions: What is your baby being fed at the moment? What are your requirements in terms of ease of use and features? What are your constraints in terms of space and budget? Do you want something short-term or a product that will accommodate your baby as he or she moves from breast milk to formula to baby food?

Once you are clear about the answers to those questions you will be far better placed to use our list of the Best Bottle Warmers for Babies for 2018 to help choose the right product for you! As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions below. We’ll do our best to answer them!