12-year-olds charged with robbing gas station at knifepoint _ news-gazette. com

Judge Heidi Ladd ruled Tuesday that it was a matter of “immediate and urgent necessity” that the boy and girl, wards of the state who are currently living at Cunningham Children’s Home, be held in detention until their next court hearings Monday.

The two were charged Tuesday in juvenile court with armed robbery for allegedly stealing cigarette lighters from a clerk at the Shell station, 1812 N. Electricity prices by country Cunningham Ave., U, shortly after 10 p.m. Gas after eating eggs Monday.

Assistant State’s Attorney Tim Sullivan said the gas station clerk reported that both children were armed with knives when they demanded cigarettes from the clerk. Gas station in spanish She declined to hand them over and the girl allegedly threatened to shoot the clerk.

The children then allegedly grabbed three cigarette lighters and ran from the business, only to be caught a short time later by Urbana police.

A cigarette lighter and a folding knife were found in their path of flight. Electricity font The clerk identified both children as the robbers and said she recognized them from a recent shoplifting.

The gas station is a couple of blocks north of the children’s home, where each of the children had been listed previously as runaways. K electric bill Sullivan told the judge the boy had seven runaway reports in the last month and the girl had 19 since the beginning of the year.

Assistant Public Defender Lindsey Yanchus asked the judge to return both of the children to the home, where the medication they take for mental health issues can be better monitored.

Ladd explained the process to the pair, telling them that if their cases are resolved before they turn 13, they cannot be sent to juvenile prison even if found guilty of the serious felony offense. F gas certification logo However, she declined to return them to the home for now.

Seriously disturbed young people are capable of horrendous acts at very young ages. Electricity and magnetism study guide Many have had their normal development twisted by trauma including abuse and neglect in households with adults struggling with mental illness and/or substance abuse.

The State of Illinois closed its child psychiatric residential treatment settings in the 20th century and contracted out child residential treatment to private agencies, at the same time mandating that they cannot be secure facilities. Gas 85 vs 87 Psychiatric hospitalization for young people and adults presently is short term and used mainly to adjust medications before discharge.

Either troubled children and adolescents remain in their home communities and continue to present a threat to community safety while receiving inadequate underfunded community services, or, if they have acted out dangerously to a sufficient extent, they are referred to private residential treatment in a different community where they are concentrated with other disturbed young people in a non-secure treatment setting. Electricity inside human body The facilities cannot prevent residents from running away, though they attempt to discourage the residents from running.

Additionally, referral for residential treatment has required increasingly more serious acting out over longer times to qualify for a referral, which results in a higher over all level of mental illness and emotional disturbance in those who are eventually referred and placed.

Some of these young individuals present a significant ongoing threat to the safety of others within the facility, including the facility staff, educators, and peers. Electricity invented or discovered They can easily be triggered to suddenly begin acting out in dangerous ways and they often lack internal control over the limits of their behavior when agitated.

If these troubled young people leave the external control of the non-secure treatment facility by running away into the community, they threaten community safety.

This is just one of many dangerous situations that occur on an ongoing basis throughout the year near treatment facilities all over Illinois. Gas pressure definition chemistry The police in those communities holding residential treatment centers are very familiar with runaway young people leaving these facilities and committing crimes while on the run from the facilities. Gas 2016 The number of runaway incidents are shocking in number.

Juvenile correctional facilities do not have the funds to create adequate treatment programs and hire the necessary skilled staff to make a difference, and they are inappropriate settings for many of these troubled young people. V gashi Juvenile correctional facilities can offer some treatment for repeat criminals with mental health issues, but are inadequate to serve those whose primare difficulty is based on mental health problems and not chronic criminal behavior. Gas 6 weeks pregnant There is counseling in juvenile justice settings, but not sufficient services to meet the treatment needs of these young disturbed individuals.

Private agencies provide residential treatment services under state contracts, but those facilities are forbidden from building secure units that could prevent dangerously troubled young people from running into the community. Emitra electricity bill payment Under current state policies and funding these facilities cannot provide the staffing to adequately supervise such troubled individuals so as to prevent them from running into the surrounding communities and endangering the public.

The result is that communities that contain residential treatment facilities for emotionally disturbed and mentally ill children and adolescents face increased risk of crime from angry youths leaving their facilities on runaway status.