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Duthsty – Except he’s really good, that’s literally what everyone who isn’t hung up on the comic book deal says, it’s literally what people who don’t just repeat what they hear on sports talk radio say. Players who actually play against him (not former players who make $24k a year to host a radio show and need to say “outrageous” things to get listeners) and coaches all say the same thing – he’s a year in and year out pro-bowler and one of the top DTs in football.

Sapp, not talking about McCoy but instead talking about Watts, said when a player is special you have to game plan for them, you have to double team them, you have to bring in guys to chip, you have to focus on them. Watch the tape, watch as teams constantly double on McCoy, constantly chip him, they are focused on stopping him. Guess what that means? That means JPP mostly has 1-on-1 matchups and has had a great season because of it.

Rod I guess the saints didnt get that memo because they ran the ball right at mccoy with very good efficiency and mccoy was good when schiano was here and has been the face of the losing culture ever since. Bucs should have traded him when he was “hot commodity” aaron donald is a great DT, Jonathan allen, akiem hicks, daron payne, chris jones …those are NFL top tier DTs…..GMC wouldnt know if he was there or not

Personally I dont hate the guy but he acts like the hate is unfounded. electric utility companies in florida Hey bonehead!!!!! I was looking for you on Sunday and the team needed you. And you weren’t even on the field. Of course we are going to think you dont care. And it’s your own Damm fault cause trust me there are guys in this league who would NOT ALLOW there coach to subsutite them in that moment!!!!!!!

Nah that’s not reality jimmjack, I respectfully disagree. gas smoker recipes Same defense the last 4 years. Duffner has made some changes and the defense has drastically improved. Pass rushing is passing which is nothing like having a new offensive coach and system to learn. gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to All this time in the league but I won’t crush him like I usually do because it’s a waste of time so I’ll just say he’s not worth the price tag. JPP isn’t worth his expensive price tag either but it’s easier to justify paying that over Geraldine price.

I never hear players or expert analyst speak poorly about GMC. I think like many his career would have even been more spectacular if he would have played for a team that had better players around him. electricity billy elliot chords Nonetheless he’s pulled his weight for 10 years. That being said the question is how much does he have left in the tank and what are we going to do in the offseason especially if we have a new coaching staff. I agree with joe, you hate to let a formidable player go and maybe you could get him to renegotiate his contract.

I’m torn admittedly on keeping McCoy vs releasing him. q gas station cleveland ohio In a way he’s kinda like a Timex watch … ‘Takes a licking & keeps on ticking.’ I’m one of those who believes that his impact is a lot bigger than mere stats (Rod, you made some excellent points BTW). And any DT who plays an average of 80% of the defensive snaps deserves an Ironman Award IMO (in Sunday’s game, he played 86% of the def snaps for instance … Allen played 31% & Vea played 80%).

BUT … is it smart to be paying $13 mil for a 31-year-old DT next year and in the years after that? I don’t believe that it is, because we’ve got too many other mouths to feed. Personally I’d renegotiate his salary (to maybe $7-$8 mil), as well as renegotiate Gholston’s salary (to half or less) & release Spence & Unrein (those were both high-risk experiments on Licht’s part that back-fired). Keeping JPP, Curry, Nassib & Vea (as well as Allen & hopefully GMC) would mean that we’d need to probably draft 1 DT & 1 DE plus add the same through FA. v gas llc Big task but it’s doable.

That should give us an extra $26M in cap space with no dead money along with a mid and lower round pick. Maybe we could parlay all of this into an extra 2nd and 3rd or 4th round pick. Others to consider trading or releasing (though they come with dead money) are Noah Spence, Ronald Jones and Ryan Smith. The extra salary cap room? Use it on a free agent offensive lineman. Guard or Tackle. Get one in FA and the other in the 1st or 2nd round of the draft. Get a 3rd round RB and defense everywhere else.

Gerald has likely made as much or more money as just about any other NFL player playing the game right now (QBs aside of course). k gas station jobs His class was about the last one to not be under the newest CBA which severely limits a good player’s earning capacity vs what the free market would dictate for the first 4-5 years of their NFL careers. So Gerald has earned top end money every single year he’s been in the league starting in 2010 when he was drafted #3 overall.