14 Answers to your questions about the flu and the flu shot 1 electricity unit in kwh


A simple cold and the flu are actually quite different. A person with a cold may have a cough, sneezing, runny nose, and feel unwell. A person with the flu may have those symptoms and can be sicker with symptoms such as high fever and full body muscle aches. gastroenterologia o que trata Most people can generally still function when they have a cold. Flu symptoms can cause a person to feel unable to even get out of bed.

No. Hot liquids can soothe a sore throat and provide much needed fluids. electricity terms and definitions But there is no evidence that chicken soup has any specific qualities that help prevent the flu. gas vs diesel generator Your best protection against the flu is getting the flu shot, as there is lots of scientific evidence for this. 4. I heard there are a few different flu vaccines available this year. What are the differences?

If you get the flu shot, your risk of getting the flu or flu-related complications is between 40-70 per cent lower. The flu shot doesn’t give 100 per cent immunity because the flu virus mutates and changes as the year goes along. electric utility companies in california But when it comes to becoming infected with a potentially fatal infection, or transmitting that infection to those you love, 40-70 per cent lower risk is not something to dismiss.

At a population level, the flu vaccine campaign each year prevents thousands of hospitalizations for flu in Ontario alone. The more people get vaccinated, the better our “herd immunity,” which keeps our community safe. We all need to do our part to reduce the burden of flu every year. 8. 5 gases emitted from the exhaust pipe Can you receive the flu shot if you’re feeling under the weather (cough, runny nose)?

If you have a mild cold, you may still receive a flu vaccination. Vaccination won’t be given if you have a serious, acute illness, such as anything with a fever or requiring antibiotics. Some people choose to wait until they are feeling “100%”; however, as we get in to colder weather and longer days, this may not happen and receiving the vaccination will keep being postponed. 9. Is it safe to get the flu shot while pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women should absolutely be getting the flu shot. In fact, the flu shot is recommended for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy, as well as those who are breastfeeding. mp electricity bill payment online jabalpur The flu itself, not the flu shot, can harm pregnant women seriously enough to land them in hospital and cause death. The flu poses a major threat to fetuses, too.

Another reason for pregnant women to get the shot: flu vaccination causes the body to produce infection-fighting antibodies. power in costa rica When a pregnant woman receives a flu shot, her antibodies get passed on to the developing fetus, providing protection to the newborn in the first months of life. A baby can also acquire antibodies through a vaccinated mother’s breast milk. This is particularly important since infants can’t receive the flu shot, and are at higher risk of complications if they do get the flu. 10. electricity vs gasoline The flu doesn’t seem that bad. Why can’t I just take my chances and not get the shot?

No, the flu shot does not lower your immune system – it boosts it. You likely became ill with something else, but due to the timing it is common for people to think it was caused by the vaccine. 13. I live a healthy lifestyle (eat well, exercise, etc.) and consider myself to be a healthy person. I never get sick. Do I still need to get the flu shot?

A flu shot not only protects you against the flu, it also helps protect your loved ones, colleagues, strangers on the street. By getting the shot, you are reducing your chance of spreading the illness. Even if you’re healthy, you should still get the flu shot. 14. I got the flu shot so that’s all I have to do to stop spreading the flu, right? Or can I spread the flu even if I feel well?