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This past week, as the American president was arriving on French soil to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day — the day the world solemnly celebrates the ending of World War I — French President Emmanuel Macron forcibly reminded us of the negative side of the French national character. His timing couldn’t have been a more useful reminder of just how much the last hundred years of protecting Europe has cost us, and what gratitude has resulted. Or not.

As Macron apparently does not recall, over the past century America has spent a great deal of time, treasure, and blood freeing France repeatedly from world wars in which it was overrun by its very best friend in the world, Germany. In two bloody world wars, we saved the proverbial tranche de lard of his hapless country. And we deterred even worse depredations by the communist USSR for the next fifty years.

In the first World War, French territory was a battlefield of trench warfare with massive French casualties. electricity symbols and meanings By 1917, the French Army mutinied, with half its combat divisions refusing to fight the Germans any longer. So depleted was the fighting flower of French manhood that the secret plan of the French was to reduce the number of divisions by half and give up in 1918. The remaining 50 French divisions had just been routed by 100 German divisions and were in full retreat, with the British similarly situated against the British Channel. “Le guerre est finie!” was the retreating French slogan — The war is finished.

Then the United States entered the war in Europe and sent the equivalent of 100 French divisions against the Germans. Our soldiers moving forward passed theirs walking back. Over the next year, we surrounded and trapped the German Army in France and Belgium and cut off their supply lines to Germany. gas upper stomach The war was indeed finished… just not the way the French were about to finish it.

Only two decades later, World War II broke out. Germany was back at it, this time spilling over their borders in a Blitzkreig or “lightening attack” on France. It took the Germans only six weeks to overrun the French and turn their country into an occupied nation, acting as a host to further the German aggression. Germany set up a puppet government, known as Vichy France, and not a small number of French ended up supporting it. The French Vichy government cooperated in the Holocaust, eventually deporting over 75,000 French citizens — mostly Jews — to the death camps, including 4,000 children. Despite the storied “French Resistance” romanticized by Hollywood, it is estimated that 90% of the French population either directly collaborated or sat silent. The “Resistance” was small, disorganized, and largely ineffective.

Enter the United States. Simultaneously fighting the Japanese in the Pacific and the Nazis in Europe, the nation basically converted its entire domestic production to support a massive war effort. American troops fought their way through the Pacific against the Japanese and up from Italy through Europe over the four year nightmare. With assistance from the intrepid Aussies, the U.S. eventually defeated the terrifying Japanese war machine. And it was the entry of the United States into the European theater, with its massive military engine of production, which ultimately forced Germany to fight on two fronts and collapsed the Nazi Reich.

In August, 1944, the American, British, and Canadian troops which landed on the Normandy beaches on D-Day had fought their way through France. There, they paused on the outskirts of Paris, allowing the ragtag remnants of the “Free French Army”, the 2nd Armored Division, to enter and “liberate Paris”. That 2nd Armored Division had lost 72 soldiers. The Allies landing at Normandy had lost 4,000 in one day alone. The writing being, quite literally, on the walls of Paris that the Americans were about to liberate the city, the French residents lined the streets and cheered for the new occupiers. gas vs diesel truck Surely there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

The communist threat from the USSR in subsequent decades became the next focus of protecting western Europe. Notwithstanding the 5.5 TRILLION dollars the US spent in the Cold War to final topple the Soviet Union, it also maintained physical defenses to hold the USSR out of Europe. To fully appreciate this, a ‘troop year’ is the calculation of one soldier for one year: the best way to record the cost of deployment to defend another country. From 1950 to 2000 — at massive taxpayer cost — the U.S. spent between 3,000,000 and 4,000,000 troop-years per decade across Europe, all to defend them against their next existential threat: the communist USSR.

With the advent of NATO after the war, western Europe and the US each pledged to spend 2% of their Gross Domestic Product on common defense. Clearly, using a percentage meant that the United States would bear most of the burden, since its GDP is usually around the same as all the rest of them combined. Even after complaints by President Trump caused a panicked shuffling of resources and belated contributions by our European friends, as of 2017 the US had 51% of the GDP and still paid 72% of defense.

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” he whined. gas urban dictionary His concern, he said, is that President Trump insists that his obligation is to put the interests of the United States first in his priorities. Apparently, Macron prefers we put the interests of his country first in order to prove our “moral values” to our European betters.

Adding icing to the cake, Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, just added her two cents that she fully agrees with Macron. Indeed, she says, Europe needs to form its own security council and standing army. (Presumably it will defend everyone else against her own country the next time it gets that world-domination itch and rolls its eyes toward Poland. Grab the popcorn.) In any event, Ms. Merkel stopped short of declaring the United States an existential threat to western civilization, but neither did she walk back the implication.

It is now widely opined by left-wing apologists in the press that Macron insulted the United States so grossly, on the eve of Armistice Day as an American president was flying to Europe, just to play domestic politics for his constituents. gas constant in kj Those constituents, they tell us, widely resent and dislike the United States, so insulting us makes them happy.

Plus, they add, the fact that Trump then skipped a ceremony with Macron celebrating the occasion that Macron had turned into a rank insult was, itself, insulting. How dare we insult Macron by not accepting his insult? After all, Obama would have done it. (In that, we agree; but with far different emphasis). The fact that bad weather would have required the Secret Service to change all of its security protocols at the last minute, a risk deemed too high, is conveniently ignored by the Perpetually Outraged left. But, to be honest, Trump might have just skipped the photo op in front of the American graves with the guy who just said he needs defending from American soldiers even were the weather fine; one can only hope.

But now it is a bloated behemoth of bureaucratic waste, including such culturally distasteful bedfellows as the fundamentalist Islamic Turks, who are systematically slaughtering our allies the Kurds — our front-line troops against ISIS — whenever they can manage it and are holding American hostages. The rest of the NATO allies are spoiled, ungrateful European elites who suck off the defense teat of the United States taxpayer while decrying us as backwards troglodytes who don’t appreciate their own evolved socialist sensibilities. The same Europeans who band with Russia against the US to protect Iran, the primary sponsor of terrorism from the Middle East, while crying crocodile tears over 9/11. The same Europeans who squeal that we must defend them against Russia, while making firm pacts to buy Russian natural gas by direct pipeline to create a permanent economic stranglehold. The same Europeans who tacitly applaud Macron as he sneers at the Americans who saved his countrymen from German invasions twice in the last century… and labels us the enemy.