15 Influencer marketing software tools to grow your business electricity lab physics


Bumble and bumble ran an influencer campaign through Influenster. There were specific tasks users had to complete after receiving the product. Each task came with its own specific set of instructions. For example: when reviewing the product online influencers had to state that the product was given to them for review purposes . gas house dance hall Then, when posting about the product on social media, the influencer had to use certain hashtags in their posts . bad gas 6 weeks pregnant They also had to mention the product was a complementary product. Instagram shows 490 posts using that specific hashtag! Influencer Marketing Software On The Market Business

TapInfluence was founded in 2009 as a community for bloggers. Great content creation is the epitome of their evolution and quickly led TapInfluence to become the world’s first Influencer-Generated Content Engine. The platform brings together content creators, influencers, and brands. These relationships lead to actions and meaningful content.

650 brands use Upfluence to run their influencer programs. electricity 101 presentation Upfluence’s solutions are designed to help brands with their content marketing efforts by giving them a way to create a variety of content. By providing brands with a way to share impactful content, brands have an easy way to get more clients. Upfluence helps brands with the entire process of planning, creating, publishing and amplifying content. Top 3 Features

• Identify influencers – Locate your influencers in just a few clicks. gas efficient cars 2015 The search engine features 20+ advanced filters and a database with over 600K+ profiles (growing every day). Customize your search with criteria such as keywords, follower count, engagement level, geolocation, language, and social platform. Screenshots of the software here .

• Browse the latest posts and view live analytics for any influencer: with 8.7M+ content updates per day at your fingertips there’s no risk of picking the wrong influencers (but if you wanted to automate this process, their team of experts is at your disposal). Once you’ve found Influencers, you can easily create and export lists with contact information or work directly within the application.

• Manage the campaign – Helpful templates and mass emailing allows users to contact their influencers directly within the software, manage the responses, and coordinate campaigns. Know when your mail has been opened, negotiate contracts, and easily track influencer posts with their Publisher tool. i electricity bill com Last but not least, a payment processing platform integrated into the database simplifies influencer interactions so brands can focus on their marketing goals.

“Engagement For Your Brand Anytime, Anywhere” Influenster is the leading influencer marketing platform that helps brands make connections, drive engagement, and create advocates. The Influenster community is huge, with 4MM+ members that help brands gain conversations and valuable user-generated content. A community of social savvy shoppers that stay up to date on the latest products, provide reviews and share their thoughts on tested products.

Brands can hyper-target influencers to boost conversation around products and/or services. k electric bill payment online This is done by sending out VoxBoxes, which are complementary product packages sent to targeted Influensters based on their social media presence and other demographic information. Not only do influencers have to show off these specific products, but they’re also asked to provide reviews and feedback across various platforms. Top 3 Features

Revfluence automates: responding & negotiating proposals, setting guidelines & reminders, product shipments tracking, content review, tracking posts. Creators, on the other hand, can set their terms and find brands that they want to work with. Creators also get paid quickly – their PayPal accounts receive the payments – right after they share content. Top 3 Features

• AI Delivers ROI at Scale: Linqia Performance Platform’s machine learning technologies from Google and Facebook help drive greater ROI for customers. gas examples matter The platform has analyzed millions of potential influencers in the U.S. and identified 100K that meet the criteria for success. PerformanceMatch™ uses a combination of AI-driven analysis and audience targeting to analyze influencer content and identify patterns that determine which influencers will deliver meaningful results.

• Target Audiences: Reaching core audience demographics is critical to selecting the right influencers for your brand. 3 gases in the atmosphere Linqia combines proprietary data tracked through the platform with social data from Facebook and Twitter to determine the demographics of influencers’ audiences across multiple platforms. Customers can reach specific demographic and geographic segments across the U.S. to target influencer audiences by age, ethnicity, location, education level, and annual income.

• Goal-based Pricing: Linqia has run thousands of influencer programs using proprietary algorithms to surface insights and drive repeatable, predictable results . They offer goal-based pricing that aligns with customer objectives, whether that be Reach (CPM), Engagement (CPE), or Traffic and Conversions (CPC). They are confident in their technology, which means they guarantee results. Linqia has a 93% customer repeat rate.

Influencer marketing programs use the power and influence of highly followed individuals. Unlike referral marketing, this type of marketing is for larger groups of people and is a less individualized and personalized action . Though the influencer gets to add their own spin on the content used to drive followers to a specific brand, they are not seeking out specific individuals.