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No Solar System Program “ I like Veterans Energy much more than TXU or Reliant. Unfortunately I may have to leave Veterans Energy. I am currently seeking proposals for installation of solar panels that will provide enough Kwh to meet my current average monthly consumption on an annual basis. The keyword being average, meaning that there would be months that I may consume more Kwh, and some months that I would consume less. I was greatly disappointed to learn that Veterans Energy does not provide an energy buy-back or a refund Kwh billing credit for (unused) energy created by solar systems that feeds back into the grid. This is also as much surprising as disappointing because Texas is a solar friendly state and most other electric providers do offer some type of program many of them dollar-for-dollar offsets. I doubt that they could get a program up and running before I proceed with my installation plans (within the next couple of months). That will leave me with a regretful decision of having to ultimately cancel service upon completion of the solar system installation, paying a cancellation fee, and having to seek a provider that does offer a compensation program. But most regretfully I will no longer be their customer and a part of helping veterans. If anyone from Veterans Energy is reading this, please let me know if you can do something. Veterans Energy a great company and I would really prefer to stay with you. ”

My First Monthly Bill from Veteran Energy “ I was anxious to get my first bill from Veteran Energy because it seems that every electricity provider is somewhat different in how the monthly billing statement is presented. I’ve found most utility bills to be pretty confusing. It seems there are always at least some surprises in the beginning until you figure out all the line items which comprise your total charges. In other words, it’s often hard to fully understand what you signed up for until you’ve already signed up. Not so with Veteran Energy. I happened to use about 1,100 kilowatt hours during my first month’s billing cycle which made me automatically entitled to a generous credit under the plan I had signed up for. There were absolutely NO CATCHES WHATSOEVER. The bill was simple, concise, and honest with no "hidden charges" that I wasn’t already expecting. I’ve already received top-notch customer support from team leader Roberto (ext. 13272) and Lynn (ext. 3276). Roberto originally signed me up after thoughtfully explaining how everything works and Lynn later went over my first bill with me and explained all the different payment options available and helped me set up automatic monthly drafts from my checking account. She even congratulated me on receiving my credit! Lynn and Roberto definitely went over and beyond and I’m already spoiled. I wish more companies had such high-caliber professionals providing customer support. I deeply respect that Veteran Energy makes generous contributions from their own profits to such a large number of wonderful organizations whose sole mission is to help America’s veterans. Because my cousin – Kenneth – was killed in Vietnam in the early 1970’s, I chose the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) as my charity of choice. I believe one would be hard-pressed to find a better electricity provider than Veteran Energy. **== ”

Bringing back compassion in customer service! “ In a world where many are quick to complain but less likely to praise, my husband and I humbled but the experience with Veteran Energy. We were dealing with a nightmare of a situation with our previous electricity provider where we were left without power in freezing temps for 24 hours. We were unsure where to turn due to an internal error by the previous company. We were stressed, exhausted and frustrated to say the least. My husband researched and found that Veteran Energy provides a discount to military and veterans. Great bonus first off considering most rates per kWh and hidden fees we were able to find after digging into many of the rate plans found. After contacting them and speaking to Cameron we instantly felt we were in good hands. We had to place a call back at our request and spoke to Marcos and then his supervisor Roberto (for a positive reason). The integrity (yes we are saying this about a utility company), dignity, compassion, patience and dignity shown from start to finish left us truly humbled by our experience. We are truly thankful for the time, attention to detail and quickness of each member of the Veteran Energy team we spoke with. Each one of these representatives from Veteran Energy reminded us of what customer service truly is. They are a great asset to this company and represent the face of the company well. In a world where it seems most companies have forgotten what customer service is it was a breath of fresh air to have this experience with this company. Thank you to each one of you (Cameron, Marcos & Roberto) for the outstanding customer service we received and for making this such a personable experience! Thank you for restoring the trust and faith we had lost! We are so glad to be a new Veteran Energy customer! ”

Beware and Stay Away! “ The pricing and service was not bad but their customer service and sales team ended up cheating me by falsely signing me up renewing my contract and then later billing me for breaking of the contract. After 12 months my service was up; I received a sales call and I told them over the phone NO I did not want to renew the contract as I was in the process of moving overseas. Naturally I called to disconnect and I paid the final bill. I left overseas and did not give them a forwarding address because I was done with them. A year later I return to US and go to purchase a Home when all of a sudden I see my credit rating has negative hits on it from Veteran’s Energy. They opened up 3 lines each for $348 which took my credit rating down over 150 points. I called and they told me that I had early termination fee which they charged because I renewed the contract and then canceled that same month. I told them I did not renew and then they said they outsource their sales team and cannot verify. They admitted that I was never late on payment nor delinquent on actual services just on the early cancellation fee plus late fees on top of that. ”