150+ Breathtaking snake tattoo designs and meanings gas bubbles in colon


Just in case you do not know, a snake tattoo also has its own great significance. Meaning to say, the purpose of such tattoo is not only limited on enhancing the beauty of a person’s physical appearance. The different designs of a snake tattoo actually have something to imply that people should understand. With that being said, let’s get well acquainted about the significance of snake tattoos depending on the various cultures in the world.

• Hindu Culture – A snake is a very popular creature featured in the folklore of Hindus and Buddhists. These people believe that such animal is symbolizing fear, hope, evilness, and goodness. They have this belief that snake gods are capable of transforming into some other shapes and images. However, the real snake gods to them have human faces and snake bodies. Muchalinda is one good example of a snake god, which has something to do with Buddhism. It was believed to be the protector of Buddha from a ravaging storm.

• Egyptian and Greek Cultures – Ancient Greek and Egyptian people believed that snakes are great symbols of eternity. Greek people have this Ouroboros, which is a symbol of perpetuity, according to them. The Ouroboros is an important Greek symbol that is composed of a snake image that is encircling its body and biting its tail. The interpretation of such symbol is that snakes will eat themselves and reborn as snakes. In other words, Ouroboros explains the infinite cycle of creation and destruction. The Greek people also believe that snakes are being associated to the Greek God of Medicine, whom was none other than Asclepius.

• Chinese Culture – Chinese people are some other individuals who acknowledge the existence of snakes. These animals have something to do with the Chinese culture. Chinese people who were born in the year 1905 have strong relation to snakes. This is the reason why snake is one of the animals that are featured in the Chinese Zodiac. According to the said culture, a snake as well as a snake tattoo symbolize happiness, love, mysteriousness, good luck, fortune, longevity, craftiness, and indifference.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are some more things being associated to snakes and these are revenge, defense, rebirth, great power, great intelligence, hell, protection, the divine, fertility, magic, birth, grace, and sensuousness.

Just like the other kinds of tattoos, snake tattoos surely have a lot of designs to offer to those people who are thinking of having these tattoos. When you see these designs being tattooed on an actual body, you might just change your bad perspective about a snake tattoo. It is simply because of the amazing beauty of such tattoo. In relation to this, here are some of the gorgeous designs that you can take into account when talking about these tattoos:

• Snake with a Skull Tattoo Design – Skull is a very popular symbol of death. It clearly explains that death is something that people cannot escape about. One extremely popular snake tattoo design in the Western culture is the snake with a skull tattoo design. For them, the said snake tattoo design means complete destruction of spiritual and physical aspects of a man.

• Snake with a Dragon Tattoo Design – Obviously, this snake tattoo design is a combination of the images of a dragon and a snake. These creatures are both important symbols of Chinese people. This is the main reason why this particular design is the common choice of those Chinese tattoo lovers. As a matter of fact, such tattoo has a Chinese name, which is Yin Yang. Yin is the name being called to snakes, while Yang is for the dragons. These two creatures are believed to be perfect match since dragons are the doers while snakes are the thinkers.

• Snake and Rose Tattoo Design – Of course, such design will involve an image of a rose flower and a snake. You might think that these two things are not perfect matches, then think again. The rose actually symbolizes love and beauty, while the snake represents evilness and hatred. Even though they are opposite when it comes to meaning, the combination of the two will create another meaning. Such tattoo design will represent the greatness of life and the selfishness of the world.

• Snake and Eagle Tattoo Design – Another gorgeous and very meaningful design of a snake tattoo is the snake and eagle tattoo design. In this design, it is expected for you to see an image of an eagle and a snake, but can you guess the meaning of this tattoo? Well, you cannot for sure. This tattoo design will actually mean the clash of evilness and goodness. This design would also imply knowing the right things from what is wrong.

Even though there are many people who hate snakes because of the negativeness being associated to these animals, it cannot be denied that snake tattoos can be great as body adornments. Contrary to what many people believe in, snakes actually have a lot of positive things to represent. In fact, these animals are being associated to a lot of cultures. When it comes to design, these tattoos can definitely offer you a wide array of it. These designs will surely mesmerize you, specially when you already have one on your body.