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This was rather similar to Judge Priest, with Will Rogers in another John Ford film playing a southerner whose best friend is played by Stepin Fetchit, and whose nephew is getting married to a girl from a lower class. But it’s significantly better. A key difference is that Rogers is better suited to be a minor scam artist than a paragon of virtue and wisdom, especially with the Southern setting. There are also higher stakes with a nephew facing the possibility of hanging, and a better satire of something specific: the religious fervor of the era.

Perhaps the best known film of the Czech new wave, this look at the life of a young train conductor in World War 2 is pretty effective at capturing an unambitious man who freaks out due to problems with women. It’s a bit incongruous but it works to show that it’s the height of World War 2 and he’s involved in all sorts of intrigues, but all he wants to do is get laid, which functions as an effective satire of a genre that doesn’t exist yet: the teen sex comedy.

I’m familiar with the film, mainly as a notable flop, and it’s worth examining why that is. npower gas price per unit There’s some stuff it does quite well (little details about the sci-fi world, Michael Sheen’s robot bartender) and stretches where things get dull. I read the screenplay before, so I had been familiar with the moment that disappointed readers, and I kept being reminded of Nerdwriter’s argument that it should have been structured differently, although there is more to the shortcomings. Fantastic production design.

This is an astoundingly impressive debut for the Coen Brothers as directors, for Frances McDormand as lead actress, and cinematographer Barry Sonnenfield. gas city indiana car show The Coens’ philosophy is fully formed, in a tragedy of cascading consequences as people without all the information make fatal decisions after a hitman gets hired by a jealous husband. Little details make the characters seem believable, like people who have known one another for years, but aren’t quite aware of what others are capable of, which informs their own decisions.

Best known as a major influence on Star Wars, this samurai saga is several excellent tales, as a princess flees her pursuers, a fallen samurai seeks redemption, and two idiotic bandits seek treasure. Excellent witty action-adventure story in its own right that balances tragedy and humor, with high-class and low-lives. Misa Uehara’s Princess Yuki is one of the best female leads of the genre, and it’s nice to see Toshiro Mifune playing a badass with nobility.

One of the most popular movies ever made remains pretty damn good. The central story of two men forming a friendship in prison, and getting used to changes works so well that it hides two big secrets: the first about what someone did before they were in jail, and the second about what someone’s been up to while no one’s looking. zyklon b gas effects It sets up one of the biggest reveals in film, but it’s enjoyable before that happens, even with all the messed up aspects of prison life.

Bergman disavowed this early effort, which is of interest to several groups. Aficionados of his work will be curious about the seeds of his later films. Spy fans might be interested in how one of the great directors handles a Hitchcock/ Fritz Lang style mystery (and the answer is that it’s okay enough). It’s also interesting to explore in the context of the metaphor for the experience of Baltics fleeing the Soviet Union (my grandparents were Estonian refugees, and my Aunt was born in Sweden) and what this suggests about their lives.

• Phantom of the Opera (Hammer 1962) IMO much better than the Univeral’s 1943 production with Claude Rains as the Phantom. Strangely enough, this Hammer project started out with Cary Grant being interested in playing the romantic lead! Around this time Hammer was going through all the old Universal stuff so it’s no surprise they did their own "Phantom". I thought Herbert Lom as the Phantom did quite well despite how little he has to do.

• 30 Days of Night (2007) I don’t recall reading much about this movie when it was released and caught it on cable one night a couple years ago. The vampires scared the crap out of me. Watched it again recently and I still consider it a highly underrated horror films. grade 6 electricity project The vampires scared the crap out of me. They weren’t suave and romanticized. gas 02 They were stone cold vicious.

• Robin and Marian (1976) I found the Richard Lester Musketeer films very enjoyable with a great cast. This film also has a great cast with Richard Lester directing. But as someone who thinks no one will top Errol Flynn’s in The Aventures of Robin Hood, I found this movie to be plodding and lacked the same charm of Lester’s Musketeer films. The original title of the movie was "The Death of Robin" so the tone was always going to be a bit darker. Robert Shaw, like in from Russia with Love, comes out on the losing end of a brutal fight with Sean Connery. Shaw’s star had been on the rise since Jaws but he would make his last film 2 years later. He died at the age of 51.