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From the electricity towers health risks SichuanTravelGuide site {I’m actively doing lots of reading/research here} – I learnt that the Daocheng Yading National Nature Reserve was closed from Mar.20 2013 to Jul.31st 2013. Can someone pls confirm that it has since been opened on 1st August 2013 ? And that the gas in dogs causes infrastructure etc has really been improved/upgraded – the roads leading there are now in Good Condition etc ??? That being the case regarding Upgrading, can gas house eggs we take it that the FOOD Situation is much better – better ‘normal’ foods now are available – Showering with Hot Water etc possible in the guesthouses in the Yading Park etc etc etc ???? We’re NOT Alpinists into Hiking/Treks and love our creature comforts tho’ I think we could manage with the bare essentials for a few days just to experience the magnificent scenaries here electricity and circuits class 6 !

(The Yading Tourist Center is open to visitors from 7am to 6:30pm. An adult ticket electricity facts (150 yuan ) is valid for 3 days and includes the sights listed above. See link www.chinahighlights.com/daocheng/yading.htm Sight-seeing buses are also offered at the Tourist Center (paid separately). We can play by ear when the time comes – whether D8 D9 sufficient for Yading Nature Reserve or whether a 3rd electricity and circuits class 6 ppt 1/2 day is required on D10 too since the ticket is supposedly valid for 3 days. ?)

I guess contacting those big Sichuan Travel Agents with websites would be much more expensive than liaising with those independent local Individual Guides 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh/Organisers such as Angel or Liu Bin [Btw is Liu Bin still with Travel Sichuan Guide together with Scott who was mentioned in a couple of Forum Posts – or is he really independent ?] I liked the idea of having a Guide Driver all-in-one-person such as Roland Zeidler (wstourix@gmail.com www.wstourix.com table d gaskets) as he’s highly recommended for the Daocheng-Yading area !

I’d put up the 1st drafts of the itinerary – put together/adapted from part e85 gas stations in iowa of ChristineKL’s 13-day A Sichuan Adventure trip + ChinaHighlight’s Nature Wonders in Western Sichuan tour. Daocheng-Yading the real Shangrila is one of the highlights for this trip and I wouldn’t want to skip it. Since others have done these tours it should be do-able altho’ of course a more spaced-out gas engineer salary relaxing time-frame is preferred IF we had the luxury of time here – which we don’t. I might now be using/incorporating bits of the Sichuan-Kham gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 Tours from ChinaExploration, West-Saga and Windhorsetour etc too – whichever fits best !

Yes – we CAN definitely skip Dujiangyan Irrigation project altogether on D1 since the travelling logistics don’t allow for it. Those who are keen on such engineering marvels can do so themselves via the fast train later from Chengdu – I’m personally not sufficiently techie-minded to appreciate this – guess reading and seeing the photos 9gag instagram logo from the various China Travel Agent sites is good enough for s gashi me !

Is Hot Water freely available at the JZG Park – say at various stations all over the park or near the toilets etc even if we’re not buying the Instant Cup Noodles from the Vendors/Canteen there – was thinking we’ll need hot 5 gases in the atmosphere water from somewhere for our own cup noodles/3-in-1 coffee sachets etc that we’ll be bringing into the park to save time + not rushing with the crowds at the Horrible-Food places inside the park – and don’t wish also to be carrying heavy Hot Water Vacuum Flask too inside the park as would want electricity labs for middle school just a light bag in order to be able to walk in comfort and appreciate nature’s wonders within the park !