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"Sergeant York" was based on the diary of one of America’s best-decorated soldiers of World War I, Alvin York. He was a pacifist and, because of his religious beliefs, claimed to be a conscientious objector. However he was drafted into the US Army, and once the Army saw his prowess with a rifle, he was quickly promoted and sent overseas. After seeing his friends being killed, he took up his rifle and because of his accuracy with that rifle, the Germans that he was fighting surrendered and he and his friends ended up taking 132 prisoners. He was awarded the Medal of Honour.

The film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won two: Best Actor in a Leading Role (Gary Cooper), and Best Film Editing. When Gary Cooper accepted the Oscar he said: "It was Sergeant Alvin York who won this award; Shucks, I’ve been in this business sixteen years and sometimes dreamed I might get one of these things. That’s all I can say! Funny, when I was dreaming, I always made a good speech." He said later that "Sergeant York" was his favourite film.

Trudy Kockenlocker (Betty Hutton) is a good time girl and on a drinking spree with a soldier, gets married by a justice of the peace. She doesn’t remember his name but it was either "Ratzkywatzky or… Zitzkywitzky". But she also gave a fake name as she thought it was a joke. Later it is found out that she is pregnant. Her father believes her boyfriend, Norval Jones (Eddie Bracken), is involved and has several charges levied against him forcing him to flee the town. When the ‘miracle’ occurs, there is a massive man hunt to bring back Norval to the cheers and delight of all Morgan’s Creek. At the end of the film is the following quotation: "But Norval recovered and became increasingly happy for, as Shakespeare said: ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some

The interaction with the censorship Hays Office are legend with outcries of glorifying promiscuity, alcohol use, defamation of the honor of American fighting men, promoting having children out of wedlock, and not reflecting traditional moral values. Preston Sturges released the film with out showing the ending to the Hays Office. In promoting the movie audiences were urged not to reveal the ending so their friends and family could enjoy it. It was the highest grossing film of the year and got an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay.

Regulations were relaxed for war brides so they did have to go trough the arduous red tape of most immigrants. However, the regulations did not provide for female military officers to bring their foreign born husbands into the United States that is the premise for this film.

Lt. Catherine Gates (Ann Sheridan) of the Women’s Army Corps works on a military project with French Capt. Henri Rochard (Cary Grant). After a rough start, they fall in love and marry, actually three times – civil, military, and church. When Gates is reassigned stateside, Rochard plans to go with her. After many misunderstandings, he is granted permission to accompany her. However, personnel on the ship do not believe it so Rochard dresses as an army nurse. Although his impersonation of a woman may be flawed, he does get a few whistles from some soldiers and sailors. Their scheme is exposed, they are both arrested and are placed in the ship’s brig where for the first time they are able to consummate their marriage.