1948 Chevy coupe the h.a.m.b. electricity generation


Listing this for a good friend(His words/description); This listing is for a 1948 Chevrolet gas bloating pregnancy Stylemaster 2 door coupe. This vehicle is one that I inherited from my father at his passing. It was in a body shop that was too far from my home so we brought it to Michigan and had it completed by a body man I know. I built the Stovebolt engine. While my father had the car he sent it to an upholstery shop to have the interior done. He also paid for some initial body work and after the car came to me I had it painted. I have some new parts and some hot rod parts that go with this vehicle so that who ever buys it can either work with what is there or go a more modern route with the drive train. I have an S-10 rear end with 3.23 or 3.42 gears, and a T-5 trans 5 speed with overdrive that will work with the addition of an adapter that is available, or you can chose to have the automatic trans adapter minus the trans, the choice is the buyer’s.

The engine started out as a 261 Stovebolt. It has been bored and stroked to 302 cubic inches. It has H beam rods and custom pistons for a 9 to 1 compression ratio. The head has been ported and has a rebuilt rocker arm assembly. A custom Comp Cams camshaft designed for max torque was also degreed and installed. The engine also has been converted from a 10% oil filter to a 100% filtering gas quality by brand system with a remote filter. The crankshaft has been stroked from 3 and 15/16 to 4.220 stroke with a max overbore of 3.900 for a final cubic inch of 301.9. The engine is topped with a trio of Rochester carbs on an aluminum intake with 3 chrome air cleaners complemented by a Fenton dual exhaust gas in dogs symptoms header/manifold. The exhaust has not been completed but the hardest to make pipes, the ones from the headers to the area below the frame, have been fabricated. The engine also sports an aluminum valve cover and an aluminum pushrod cover. The engine is finished off with an HEI distributor and Taylor red wires. The generator has been rebuilt and is upgraded to 12 volts along with a new voltage regulator. The last incredible thing as far as the engine is concerned electricity cost per watt is the tripower carb linkage. The engine runs off the center carb with a progressive linkage opening the end carbs at 2/3 throttle. The engine was dyno tested in 2010 and made 229 hp with 450 ft. lbs of torque at 2400 rpm. The funny thing is we never thought to pull it lower than 2400 rpm and that was the area of max torque, but the curve was higher at a point lower than we recorded.

The car does need a few small items addressed. The brakes are just okay and I will include a new, dual port master cylinder along with a 7 vacuum booster and the mounting brackets (it all came in a kit form) so that the new owner can bring it up to more current standards. I have a new 12 circuit new wiring system to go with the car. The wiring to the tail lights has been run and the rear tail lights are new but must be wired. All the wiring for the headlights (new 12 volt halogen) will need to be wired to a relay. All the bulbs in the car will need to be replaced with 12 volt units. The wiring that is in the car is original, and the new owner gaslighting examples can either work with that or install the new wiring harness. The clutch operates as it should. The linkage for the trans will need to be modified to clear the Fenton header if the new owner decides to run the 3 speed trans.

The car has been lowered 3 inches front and rear. It has drum brakes on all 4 wheels. The tires are so/so and good for around town. The door handles and wiper transmission towers are pitted but we could not find replacements. The front turn signal chrome has been covered but they are pitted. The trunk latch works but needs adjustment. It has an adapter plate behind the water pump to use the original 216 water pump and keep the 5/8 wide belt. The belt is a few inches longer than it needs to be so there is an extension on the upper bracket. The j gastrointest surg doors need weather stripping in areas. I have both bumpers but they need to be replaced or rechromed . I have not tested the wipers so I will say they are what they are. It has a spare underseat heater that goes with it which la gasolina daddy yankee mp3 is untested. There is a heater in the dash unit as well but I have no knowledge as to if either heater works and will not guarantee that they do. The interior will need some new door handles, and the shift knob has long since been lost. The gas tank is new. The headlights are halogen. The intake manifold pushrod cover and rocker arm/valve cover are all Offenhauser. It will need the 2 arm rests for the doors. The interior is all new from headliner to carpet.