1978 Porsche 911 sc coupe – oil circulation – page 10 gas utility bill


B&B Tri-Flo Cooler Kit -The B&B cast aluminum oil coolers are excellent upgrades for your standard 911 oil cooler. The radiator fin coolers are manufactured out of aluminum, and will reduce the operating temperature of your engine greater than the standard fender-mounted trombone oil cooler. The fender-mounted cooler comes complete with electric fan that can be turned on automatically (based on oil temperatures), or with a manually operated switch. The front spoiler-mounted cooler is designed for use with race cars having an aftermarket spoiler with an oil cooler cutout in the front. Both coolers are constructed out of cast aluminum, CNC-machined for precision, and then arc-welded for super-tough construction. Both make a great alternative to the standard Porsche Carrera Oil Cooler. Both coolers contain attachment lines and mounting hardware to attach to cars already equipped with front-fender mounted oil coolers. Cars without front-mounted oil coolers will need to install the oil lines and thermostat that run up the underside of the car.

External Radiator Style Cooler -These External Radiator Style coolers are good multipurpose coolers that can be mounted just about anywhere. Available in 3 different sizes, these coolers are designed to radiate heat much better than previous tubed oil coolers. Used by some of the top racers, these coolers come equipped with AN fittings for easy oil line attachment. Works great with the Mocal Thermostat (sold below). The 16-row cooler has 10AN (5/8") fittings and is 4 7/8" high. The 19-row cooler has 12AN (3/4") fittings and is 5 3/4" high. The 25-row cooler has 12AN (3/4") fittings and is 7 5/8" high. All oil coolers have 10" spacing between the fittings.

Lemke Oil Cooler The Lemke design Terbatrol heat exchanger oil cooler features the technologically advanced internal helical fins. These are responsible for the incomparable heat transfer efficiency from oil to the 26mm copper alloy cooling tubes. The tubes are wound with robust concentric fins to provide heat radiation into the atmosphere. Chromium-nickel alloy is used to furnace braze these fins at high temperature, resulting in a perfect metal bond to the tube. This permits maximum heat transfer into the fins, thus maintaining them at a high temperature differential to cooling air and enhancing heat dissipation capability. This chromium-nickel diffusion is also used to coat the fins and tube to provide protection against hostile environments. Finally, the assembly is zinc electroplated. These robust lo air resistance and high cooling performance oil coolers are mounted in the traditional 911 right front fender location. The system kits offered will greatly extend engine service life and increase the oil temperature safety margins against catastrophic failures. The Lemke Complete Kit comes as either a complete kit for 1974-77 cars not equipped with any external oil coolers. This kit includes lines to adapt the cooler to the engine, as well as a thermostat to control oil flow when the car is cold. The Lemke Replacement Kit includes the cooler and lines to attach it to 1978-89 cars that were originally equipped with a front-mounted oil cooler.

Compact Oil Cooler -The Compact Oil Cooler will cure your overheating concerns. Installed during an oil change, it takes only a few minutes and uses existing oil lines and fittings. The free flowing oil cooler is 13 inches long {MDL.# CPT-0911} and 3 inches in diameter and has over 500 sq. Inches of surface area to insure fast and efficient heat transfer. The all aluminum cooler is tested to 3000 PSI and is bulletproof. Need that extra margin of safety? Get the compact cooler and worry no more. Road and bench tests have shown a 15 degree reduction in oil temperature using the compact cooler. Due to differences in cars and driving conditions your results may vary.