1979 Pinto. 25.3 leaf spring dragweek 7 second street car – yellow bullet forums n gas price


Unfortunately I am forced to sell the infamous Pimpo, the RedHeaded stepchild of HotRod DragWeek. When I built this car I wanted to build something that would fit in as many classes as possible. The suspension still uses the stock mounting bolts and bolt holes. The frame has not been cut or modified in any way. The body, glass and bumpers are all stock. Fortunately when building an economy car the factory parts are all pretty light.

Another point I made when building this car is I wanted it to be a successful DragWeek car. This means I made it very reliable and streetable. To achieve this goal it has a Large Cooling system. Readily available parts. Comfortable seating. Plenty of Fuel. Dual Fuel systems. 15 gallon pump gas cell and 4 gallon race gas. Extra Trans cooler with fan.

I participated and completed two years of DragWeek and both years finished with a low 8 second average. This car is extremely consistent and reliable. The engine combination included a hydraulic cam and many factory parts making it virtually maintenance free. This car consistently runs 1.20-1.25 60′ and 5.0/7.80s with very little effort. This was with small frame 67/66 turbos and a near stock combo very streetable engine combo. I was in the process of upgrading the car to run low 7s high 6s. The roller has been upgraded for more power to 25.3. I have a clear Kansas Title.

Turbo Kit Included – Stainless Steel V-band headers & piping. 46mm Precision Wastegates. 4" Aluminum Downpipes. 3" Aluminum Intake Piping with twin Tial Blowoff valves. Twin 1k HP Precision A2W Intercoolers. 10 Gallon Water/Ice tank with internal pump and trans cooler. 2nd external trans cooler has fan.

This car has NEVER got hot. I have been stuck in stop and go traffic for over an hour with no worries. When competing in Dragweek when the temps were below 60 on the highway I would install the carbon fiber blocked grill to sustain coolant temperature.

Interior/Accessories. Kirkey ProSeries Seat with custom cover. ProComp gauges. Autometer Shiftlight/tach. Progressive shift light. ProStick billet shifter. Stroud Parachute. Engine is mounted on front perches and a Midplate. Engine is set up to run a C5 batwing pan which can be removed in the car along with the front crossmember. Everything is set up to be low maintenance and easy to work on. Car is wired with Autorod Relay/fuse panels. Included is battery & charging cables from front to rear. Taylor Aluminum battery box and battery kill switch. Multiple grilles, one is open to allow free flow air and the other is blocked with carbon fiber. I have the car setup up to start with the key. I set everything up to be super easy to race. There are only 2 switches. One to turn on the Intercooler pump which also arms the boost controller and a 3 way switch to toggle the steering wheel button from the trans brake to line lock.

I started with a virtually rust free white car. We stripped and painted it about 4 years ago. All the panels are factory and the only thing that has been removed was the hood. The front spoiler is a custom piece that I had rebuilt and lowered in 2012. Some of the early pictures show the old front air dam which does not fit as well as the new one.

Misc Features. Front tow hook. Tie down loops front and back. Removable steering wheel. Stock column/starts on key. All lights & Turn Signals are operational. I raced this car at 3225 lbs. I purchased a factory appearing fiberglass dash but haven’t installed it. I also have a carbon fiber sunroof blank that is not installed. This car could be ready to go with very little effort. The turbo kit is ready to bolt on.

If I have figured everything correctly the car should weigh 2850 with the driver with very little effort. It weighed 3225 with 120 pounds of ballast and 75 pounds of fuel in the pump gas cell. The back window and sunroof weigh 100 pounds between the both of them. I planned on replacing the rear window with lexan along with the quarter glass and possibly the side windows.

The car went 7.78 with a hurt motor and it was the only pass we made that day. I think it would have gone 7.60s wth the 67/66s. I planned on going with an 80mm+ turbo on it. I figured the car was going to pick up 500 HP and lose 350 pounds. My goal was to run high 6s.