1989 Countup ministries gas 76


I was listening to all 3 of those big hits on South Florida’s heritage Top 40 station Y-100 – in a new car ! That’s the gas stations in texas answer to my teaser from yesterday’s blog post. After a little over 13 months of essentially riding a 10-speed bike all around Homestead AFB I decided to buy my first brand new car of my life. I bought a shiny red 1989 Geo Spectrum. I was free at last – free to flee electricity production the base and drive the mean streets of South Florida for the first time ever. So I’ve now been driving for the past 30 years, I’m on my 6TH new car, and I’m approaching 330,000 miles driven – an average of just shy of 11,000 miles per year.

I’m 51½ now, so I bought my first new car at 21½. YES – I drove as a teenager too. I used my newspaper carrier money to buy a used (no frills) 1980 Chevy Citation in 1983. I got to drive around in that for a couple of years through my first 5 months in the electricity word search printable Air Force. In November of 1985 I was sent to the United Kingdom gas prices going up june 2016, and I sold my car. I never drove in the U.K., but one of my friends did. I wouldn’t drive again until 30 years ago this weekend.

I’ve got a lot of hobbies and skills that you may or may not be aware of. Some of them I think I’m pretty good at (of course others may disagree). Some of these hobbies power outage houston txu and skills I wish I could be better at and spend more quality time with. Some hobbies consume a lot of time, and some just occur naturally without much effort at all. Some hobbies have developed over time – while others have faded (thankfully and regrettably). Hobbies come and hobbies go – as we grow.

One of my lesser-known hobbies over the past 25 years of my adult life that pretty much came out of nowhere but has developed quite nicely over the years is that gas variables pogil answers extension questions of a personal historian. It goes along with my fascination with dates and numbers, and it fits right in with my organizational skills. Nowadays my blogs and my tweets serve as the public recorded history of this 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat new Life of mine. Previously my web site fulfilled that role during the latter portion of the 1990s into the new millennium. Before the evolution of the web I recorded the significant events of my life via pen and paper. Now that’s what I call ‘Retro’ !

Because of this hobby I can tell you that on Friday June 30TH 1989 I was at the original Miami Arena in downtown Miami to see ‘Downtown’ Julie Brown host a LIVE electricity word search concert featuring The Information Society, Lisa Lisa And Cult o goshi judo Jam, Milli Vanilli, Tone Loc, and Was (Not Was). They were some of the biggest hit music artists of that era. I can also tell you that 21 years ago this weekend on Sunday the 27TH of August of 1989 I was at the Sunrise Musical Theatre for 8 hours for Y-100‘s Sweet 16 Birthday Concert featuring all of the Y-100 deejays at the time and their musical artist guests Bandera, K.C. And The Sunshine gas 2 chainz Band, Roxette, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Damian, and Buster Poindexter.

Another HUGE pop artist at the time was Ms. Paula Abdul – back during her heyday. She stormed onto the pop culture scene with 5 HUGE smash hits and videos in a row in 1989. Here’s one of them – originally a miserable flop in 1988 before anyone knew who she was. It was reissued during her electricity in india first time 1989 pop chart explosion, and it was MASSIVE the 2ND time around !

On this 96TH weekly edition of my ‘Saturday Night Retro’ it’s time to continue my month-long-plus celebration that is ‘The Awesome ’80s In August International Dance Party’. After this electricity in india voltage edition I’ll have two more on the 28TH of August and the 04TH of September. I also begin the 3RD year of the 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect ‘Retro’ here on this blog on that 1ST Saturday of September. Who would have thought back in 2008 when this blog was peaking that ‘Saturday Night Retro’ would outlive all of the other weekly blog series at that time. I mean – besides me ?

ON to this week’s ‘Retro’ and back during the Spring of 1989 Time, Inc. and Warner Communications merged to become gas 85 octane Time Warner. It was the beginning of the end for Eastern Air Lines, as it went bankrupt after over 60 years in the air. The Exxon Valdez ran aground off the south coast of Alaska, and it created an environmental disaster at sea. My favourite theme park at Walt Disney World – The Disney-MGM Studios – opened its doors for the very first time. Gas prices were right around $1 per gallon as I drove gas nozzle keeps stopping all around South Florida in my sparkling new 1989 Geo Spectrum.