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Our condo has no windows on the south side that faces the Bay—it’s totally open—so you can enjoy a lovely breeze and excellent visibility. It’s sort of like being on a ship. In case you’ve never been to Zihuatanejo, you’ll want to know that the temperature rarely goes below 75º at night. In "winter" daytime temperature in our apartment goes up to about 85º max. So the open air and nice breeze is welcome and comfortable.

The condo building is directly above the beach and access to the soft sands and is just a few steps out the door of our building and down about 72 stairs. It’s a short and easy oceanfront walk to downtown markets, shopping, restaurants and events.

Our property is unique because we actually have two light, airy and spacious condos that are connected by a private hallway. We rent them as a "combo" or the Bayside condo only or the Town-side condo only. Both apartments have air-conditioning, cable TV, paperback libraries and wireless high-speed Internet access. The rates on this website are for the combination of both Bay and Town-side apartments only. Ask us about other options.

On the Bayside you can settle into a comfortable wicker chair, rocking chair or lay back in the hammock to and watch boats of all kinds, lots of birds, swimmers, boogie-boarders, parasailors and local fishermen casting nets. Look for fish jumping or swimming in schools that create cool looking ripples and shadows in the water. There are colorful birds flying bye at eye level. It’s different all day every day.

From the bedroom you can sit up in bed and see the bay. There is an east-facing window that opens to bring in fresh air and gives a glimpse of the beach. There are wooden shutters surrounding the bedroom that can remain open or you can close the shutters and turn on the air conditioner. There’s a small work desk perfect for a laptop. The apartment has both a full bath and a half-bath. There is a spacious kitchen area and a beautiful oval glass-top dining room table that seats up to 6 people. The gorgeous wood counter has seven elegant bar stools with comfortable cushions so guests can sit and sip margaritas and munch chips and guacamole. Almost every light in the living room is on a rheostat so you can create a soft, romantic mood while you listen to the waves.

Our Town-side condo is very spacious, light and airy and overlooks the city of Zihuatanejo and the mountains to the north. There are small balconies in both the living room and the bedroom.The very large bedroom has a king-size bed. The living room couch has a "trundle bed" that rolls out to provide an extra sleeping space. It has an efficiency kitchen and a glass dining table that seats up to 4 people. There are two full baths in this apartment.

Both the Bayside apartment and the Town-side condo have a two-burner electric stove, a toaster oven and a microwave oven. The Bayside has a full-size refrigerator; the Town-side has an apartment-size refrigerator. Other appliances include a blender and coffeemaker as well as nice tableware, glassware and cookware. There are 5-gallon bottled water dispensers in each kitchen.

One of the best features of our condos is good water pressure. Those who have been to Mexico beach areas know that this is very good news. We have a water storage tank with an automatic pump in each apartment to ensure as good pressure as possible. The downside is that when the pumps work to draw water there is a rather loud noise for about 10 seconds. After a while, you don’t notice it and it’s a little price to pay for a big pay-off.

Our apartments are equipped with in-line water heaters because electricity is extremely expensive, water is in short supply and after a day on the beach, a warm-to-cool shower is all most people want. The hot water lasts "long enough" but don’t expect it to be constantly hot as it typically would be in the U.S. or Canada.

Every year we make a trip to Zihua in the fall to make sure everything in the condos works, and that the apartments are clean and classy looking so that our guests will be as comfortable as possible. We did a major refurbish, renovation and repair project. in 2012 and every year since then we have done things such as replace air conditioners, ceiling fans, televisions and light fixtures. We’ve had furniture reupholstered and walls re-painted. Of course there is always more to do and we welcome any suggestions.

The building’s swimming pool overlooks a "jungle" and the bay. Imagine sitting in a lounge chair reading your book, or floating on an air mattress under a clear blue sky with a cold drink and being able to lift your eyes and see Zihuatanejo Bay.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to actually live in a Mexican beach community, this condominium apartment is as close as you’ll get to authentic experience. Unlike many vacation condo rentals – where you get bare bones décor and few kitchen utensils — this apartment is completely furnished, outfitted, and decorated with everything you need to move right in. We thought of it as our “tropical bohemian” paradise. Situated in the middle and above Playa Madera, it boasts arguably the best view of Zihuatanejo Bay on the entire coastline. The ocean below provides continuous waves to watch and lull you to sleep. Sounds from people below drift up at just the right level – so you can watch and enjoy without disturbance. Maid service twice a week insures everything is kept tidy, and the property manager is responsive, caring, and just a phone call or email away. It’s an older building, completely open to the elements, so don’t expect perfection – but do expect comfort, a terrific swimming pool, and a spectacular living space large enough to share evenings with friends. But don’t invite too many – they won’t want to leave!