2 Master suites in cabin only 2 miles off o… – vrbo electricity and magnetism lecture notes


My husband, myself and my parents stayed at this cabin for 3 nights. It was cute and stocked well enough for our needs. Our bed was very comfortable. We trailored our motorcycles so we had 2 4x4s and 2 trailers. It required some maneuvering but we were able to make it work which is hard to find in the mountains. One thing I really loved about this cabin was the 2 Masters.

I don’t necessarily consider the following negatives, but since my husband and I have stayed in over 20 cabins, I want to list them for others: There is no back porch view (or any scenic view really). The hot tub is not covered by a roof (huge bummer since it rained). The fireplaces are electric (pretty to look at but not quite the same as a real fire).

There have been some updates to the cabin and hopefully more to come. The living room furniture needs replaced but we still spent plenty of time sitting there watching football while it rained. I liked the location; close to the parkway without being too close. Overall this place was perfect for us and our needs on this trip. The cost of the rental is equal in value to what you get. Like I said, we have been doing this for many many years and have seen the horrible and the extraordinary.

Where to begin….First of all the pictures of this cabin are deceiving! We took a short vacation to just get my mother away for a few days. When we got there the outside of the cabin looked pretty much like the pic. The front porch hadn’t even been swept or cleaned off. There was dirt and dried mud all over it. This cabin was a pet friendly cabin and a non- smoking cabin. When we walked inside the cabin there was a terrible smell. It didn’t smell clean and fresh. I understand that it is a pet friendly cabin, but that should have nothing to do with the smell if it’s being cleaned and kept up like it should be, especially for the money that people are paying to rent this place. The cabin has obviously been smoked in as well. There is a stale smoke smell in one of the bedrooms and bathroom. The beds in both bedrooms are very uncomfortable and the pillows are as flat as a pancake! The last time I checked you could buy pillows for $6 each at Walmart. The bedspreads were outdated and looked dirty. The living room furniture is the most uncomfortable furniture I have ever sat on and it was outdated and dirty as well. The hot tub on the front porch was clean but there was no light to light it at night and the jets didn’t even bubble, they just flowed like a swimming pool jet, therefore we didn’t even get in it. The windows were filthy and the window blinds on some of the windows were broken. The floor in one of the bathrooms was filthy. When we first arrived the WiFi wouldn’t work so they had to have a maintenance lady come out to fix it. To make a long story short, she had to come back a second time when it still wouldn’t work but finally got it fixed. On a positive note the Thomas Kincaid pictures in the cabin were nice and the location of this cabin was great but the bad outweighed the good unfortunately! So, would I ever stay here again, NO I would not and I would not recommend it for any one else to stay here either.