20 Best lip balms for dark lips women with spf and tint – dlt beauty gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers


This balm is made with 100% natural ingredients like beeswax, vitamin E, peppermint oils, etc. These ingredients make your dark lips bright, pink, conditioning, smooth, refresh and moisturize. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that make the lips healthy and youthful to remove any aging spots on the lips. Peppermint oils are soothing and nourishing. This oil keeps the lips moisturized so your lips always live in its real color.

It is a little bit costly lip balm for all women with dark and dry lips. It removes the dark tones from the lips. It rejuvenates the outlook and adds an extra beauty to your appearance. Body Shop Watermelon Born Lippy Balm contains Shea butter, pineapple, and strawberry that will brighten and soften your lips.

It is infused with different flavors (cherry- coca- cola vanilla- sprite) that spread the lips’ attractiveness. It is also great for dry or chapped lips. It hydrates and keeps the lips mild. You can easily apply this lip balm for any party, function because it increases the glamor of lips. With one glide, you will have smooth and moisturized lips.

Lotus Herbals Lip Balm Raspberry is one of the best lip balms for dark lips because of having the wax-like texture. It stops the growth of darkness on the lips. Lotus Herbal Lip Balm keeps your lips hydrated, healthy and soft. You will get six different sweet colors like vanilla, cocoa, fresh mint, cherry, and chocolate. It is a costly product, but very effective, so very popular also.

This tinted chapstick is very popular with the women having black lips. It is developed with SPF 20 to protect the lips from the UV damages. It helps to renew the cells so that the lips look younger. It keeps the lips moisturized for 8 hours and tightens the skin so that you feel a tenderness. This Maybelline lip balm is enriched with natural Cherry color.

This is favorable lip balm for many women because it is a great lip color and moisturizer for any party or occasion. It has gorgeously sweet flavors that will attract your b.friends. It enhances your lip’s beauty and makes the lips very tender with a hot look. You can easily smile with this funny lip balm for 6-8 hours. Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Party Pack Flavored Lip Balm Skittles is long lasting and repairs the damaged lips.

It is an elegant lip balm for men. Jack Black Intense won the Best Lip Balm, Best of Allure, 2012 award. It will protect your lips from the dryness, sun, and ghast wind. This lip balm has some effective moisturizers and antioxidants that will treat your lips perfectly. It is made with SPF 25 that give you an instant protection from the sun rays.

It is made with various natural and effective ingredients like- cocoa butter, vitamin E, Shea butter, beeswax, and peppermint. It has no any toxic substances. Beauty by Earth Lip Balm repairs, lightens and moisturizes your lips. It is made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients. Using it winter will give you smooth lips for the months.

It is one of the best lip balms both for dark and chapped lips. You can use it either winter or any other season. Rosebud Three Lavish Layers Lip Balm makes your lips moisturized and smooth for a long time. It also protects your lips in winter from being dry or chapped.

Color and care in one slick stick. Revlon Kiss Lip Balm, Berry Burst is the ultra-hydrating lip care solution. It is infused with natural fruit oils and provides immense hydration to your lips. Your lips will feel softer, smoother from the first application. Ultimate kissable lips! It has a nice subtle tint color of the berry. The color itself is dark but not too much noticeable. Add a nice shine to your lips making it more lively and fuller. Also, has SPF 20 for protecting the lips from the sun.

Nivea always comes with great products like this one. Nivea A Kiss of Cherry Flavored Tinted Lip Care provides long-lasting moisturization. It contains shea butter and cherry extract that soothes and protects you lips, keep it away from drying out and make it soft. The lip balm absorbs quickly after applying that’s why does not feel sticky on the lips. It has a nice red tint to it that makes your lips look more fabulous and you feel beautiful.

It is a vitamin E enriched bio-nutrient lip balm. Vitamin E soothes, moisturizes and nourishes the lips. It is free from all harmful ingredients like sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes, or parabens, etc. The bio-nutrients helps to bring back the natural look of your lips. It is a dermatologist recommended lip care product.

The most charming thing about Tony Moly Peach Lip Balm is its container like a real Peach. If you did not see it before, you would think that it is a genuine Peach. Most of the customers are very craving for its sweet container. The core balm inside is an effective lip care solution. It leaves a nice Peachy tint that looks the ripe Peach color and the tint is so natural that nobody can understand it is a fake. Tony Moly smells as like as raw Peach. No artificial scent.

Get another natural lip balm. It is formulated with cocoa, Kokum, and Shea butter. Just with one touch, you will get a pair of healthy, supple and soft lips. It will keep your lips moisturized for 4 hours. It has no artificial fragrances and allergens (hypoallergenic). A natural look will be on your lips that will make you sexier.

It comes in 3 different flavors. This group of lip balms is very popular with the tender aged girls. It is effective for dark dry prone lips. Men can also use it. It gives bright color and gloss. It also helps to heal the lips from the sun and wind burns.

As dryness can cause dead skin cells and dark patches on the lips, you should keep your lips always moisturized. After cleansing your face, dab your favorite lip balm. After removing lipstick, use the lip balm. In winter, every 1-2 hours apply lip balm. Besides, before sleeping at night, put some lip balm so that your lips can be smooth over the night and in the morning you will have baby soft lips.