2000 Fun facts, trivia, and major events hobbylark electricity for dummies pdf


What are some fun facts, trivia, and major events from 2000? For openers, George W. Bush was elected 43rd President of the United States, Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft, and Barry Bonds hit a home gas zauberberg 1 run into the San Francisco Bay. America Online (AOL) bought Time Warner, the dot-com bubble burst, and the I Love You virus attacked tens of millions of computers worldwide.

In 2000, the average lifespan in the U.S was 77.5 years, Sony released the PlayStation 2, and the last original “Peanuts” comic impact of electricity in the 1920s strip was published. Microsoft released Windows 2000, Internet Explorer was a popular web browser, and eHarmony was launched. “Buzzin” meant blissfully happy, “Wazzup?” was 935 gas block another way of saying What’s up? and a “newbie” was an inexperienced newcomer.

Back in 2000, Albert Einstein was Time Magazine’s “Person of the Century,” Tiger Woods became the youngest player to win a Grand Slam in golf, and Heather French was crowned Miss America. Rosie O’Donnell took control of McCall’s Magazine, General electricity use Hospital was America’s favorite soap opera, and the Millennium Summer Olympics were held in Sydney, Australia.

On the international news stage, Gisborne, New Zealand was the first electricity notes class 10 pdf city in the world to welcome in the new millennium, the Euro fell to a record low against the U.S. dollar, and the Big Number Change took place throughout the UK. North and South Korea reached a symbolic peace agreement, fragments of the Tagish Lake meteorite landed on Earth, and control of the Panama Canal was turned over to Panama after 75 years of U.S. control.

In January, America gas guzzler tax Online (AOL) bought Time Warner for $165 billion. It was the biggest corporate merger in U.S. history. ABC News gas bubble in back tells us that “AOL needed access not only to Time Warner’s media content machine–which produces films, music, TV shows and magazines–but also to Time Warner’s large network of cable TV lines, which is second only to ATT’s and reaches 20 percent of U.S. households.”

On May 14, the I Love You virus attacked tens of millions of computers worldwide. According to Commdocs.House.gov, “a number of people around the world began their day by reviewing their e-mails, including one with an attachment attractively entitled ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Upon opening the attachment, however, these unsuspecting victims soon gas vs diesel learned that saying ‘I love you’ also meant having to say ‘I’m sorry’ as they became victims of the Love Bug computer virus. In one day’s time, roughly 47 million people received the email worldwide and the virus looked for love in all the wrong places in over n game 10 million computers.”

In November 2000, Republican George W. Bush won the presidential election by defeating Democrat Al Gore. It was the closest presidential election in decades. ThePeopleHistory.com points out that the results in Florida were electricity billy elliot chords so close that it triggered an automatic machine count of votes under Florida law. The results showed that less than 600 votes separated the two candidates.

In December, retailer Montgomery Ward announced that it was closing its 250 stores after being in business for nearly 128 years. According to ABC News, “Wards pioneered mail-order gas leak smell catalogs [in 1872] when it came out with a single sheet of dry-good items for sale. It was the first U.S. mail-order house to sell general merchandise. Sears, Roebuck Co. wasn’t founded hp gas online complaint until 1886 and didn’t put out its first general merchandise catalog until a decade after that.”

In April 2000, the Big Number Change took place throughout the UK. Chris Smith tgas advisors explains that the switchover “saw a permanent change to 02x dialing codes in a number of regions. For example, London changed to 020. Alongside the changes to the dialling [sic] codes, some local numbers grew to eight digits (starting with 7 in inner and 8 in outer London), which resulted in a five-fold increase in local capacity. The change affected 11.5 million local telephone lines around the UK, but created a reserve of nine static electricity how it works billion telephone numbers for future use.”

In September, Pierre Trudeau, a Liberal politician and the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, passed away. Britannica.com explains that electricity usage calculator kwh “His terms in office were marked by the establishment of diplomatic relations with China (1970) and improved relations with France, the defeat of the French separatist movement, constitutional independence from the British Parliament, and the formation of a new Canadian constitution with the principal additions of a bill of rights and an amending formula.”