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This truck has an odd story and after 30k miles driven, I can tell you that this truck has had no mechanical issues during my time with it, other than a split heater hose. I purchased this off of ebay motors a few years ago and paid 15K for it from a seller in CA. He stated that he purchased it from an estate sale where the old man who owned it died and what was told to me about the story was via his widow via the seller so please take this with the gravity of knowing such.

The truck was said to be at 18lbs boost when he purchased it and the diablo had a tune on there that was the on before he reflashed it. He also said the truck had been forged internals and I will admit that I have throw a few hard pulls on this block with no issues. Again, given context to this point, the truck had been registered in CA with odometer discrepancy. I viewed the CA registration records and you can see where someone fat-fingered the records, ie:

I had only seen a handful of pics of the truck but bit the bullet and purchased it assuming I had some assurances with conversations on ebay, etc that it would at least drive. I had it shipped to PA via truck and there is a little damage on the roof from this that I didn’t notice until they had left and I had already signed the damage waiver. I put the truck in storage in the winter and would drive it occasionally during the summer until I move to FL and now it’s basically my daily driver. I work from home so it’s not driven much but I do still drive it so mileage may vary.

Other than changing the synthetic oil every 5-6k miles, I had the front bearings replaced because they were a bit squeaky, probably from sitting for years as I think the truck didn’t get used much. I also did put the grenade style catch can and had LaMotta rehose with high-temp hoses and he did a once-over on the entire truck. The truck does have a decent tune on it and will bark 2nd easily. It had excellent road manners with the dreaded 4th gear bog when driving too slow, I find myself manually bumping the column OD button at times. This is my 2nd Lightning as I owned a brand new one back in 03 and this one is much louder as it has a cat-back exhaust with a moderate tone, it’s quiet at idle (for a Lightning).

With regards to the engine work. The only parts that I can confirm is that it has 80lb injectors as was stated by the seller. I have had others look over the truck as well once I bought it, I had Wolfpack Speed in PA give it a once over as well and nobody’s been able to find a problem with this truck. I have had it to about 140ish and it’s solid, no wobbles.

The truck has a 2.6 KB blower (stock pulley 10.5lbs) and I have never had a problem with it short of an occasional belt squeak that happens if you let off the gas when the truck is downshifting. Otherwise, the thing screams when you open the throttle blades.

The truck orignally had the factory tonneau and rails but I sold them to someone on this site a few years ago. I have no idea why someone put 3k$ chrome Helo wheels on it but I didn’t have 3k to blow on 20in reps so anyone taking jabs at the wheel pick, please spare me the nagging as I have had to get used to them and they are tolerable over time. Mexicanos and Asians love em so if you’re in TX, CA, etc you should be good for resale.

I need to get some current pics of the frontend as it’s a bit beatup with road nicks. I would love to the the front face repainted but again, I need to get out from under this truck as much as i’m going to miss it. I was hoping someone here would take it from me as my only other option is to tradein and it will hit auction somewhere.

I will post my original purchase price along with the ebay seller on request. I’m not sure it matters, I have the original sale card, SVT paperwork, etc. I did have two key fobs made as well as paid to have the valet key recovered so I have that as well.