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Dodge’s revisions h gas l gas brennwert to the Dakota for 2008 fall short of a full redesign, but the changes do add a little life to the truck (see a side-by-side comparison with the 2007 model). While its updated styling should enhance its appeal, and its base engine delivers acceptable performance, the Dakota’s stiff gas number density ride may be an unappreciated surprise to first-time truck buyers.

The Dakota’s overall shape is largely the same as it was before, but the front is more streamlined thanks to a new hood, headlights and fenders. It also manages to be more aggressive than the previous design’s wide-eyed look, which is always good in the truck market. An oversized version of Dodge’s crosshair grille dominates the front. The overall appearance is less about toughness and more about street style. The optional 18-inch gas x coupon 2014 chrome wheels help in this regard.

The standard engine is a 210- horsepower, 3.7-liter V-6 that produces 235 pounds-feet of torque. The Dakota is one of the few midsize trucks that offer V-8 power, and that V-8 gains 42 hp over the gas 93 strongest version offered last year; it now has 302 hp and 329 pounds-feet of torque. V-6 Dakotas can have electricity wikipedia simple english either a six-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission, but the V-8 is only available with a five-speed automatic. I tested a V-6 truck with the six-speed manual and four-wheel drive.

The V-6 and manual transmission make a nice pair in the Dakota. The V-6 provides decent power, and I didn’t find myself longing for the V-8 (I didn’t, however, haul a heavy load or trailer with the gas near me open now truck, which is when the extra grunt of a V-8 tends to shine). Over the course of one 20-mile drive that featured stop-and-go, highway and suburban driving, the truck averaged 16 mpg. At 70 mph, wind noise is a problem in this truck.

My wife thought the cabin had a cheap appearance, though some might electricity distribution costs call it utilitarian. The dash is made of hard plastic, but it does have nice graining, and there’s a cubby on the passenger side of the dashboard for odds and ends. Other interior finishes are good in some respects, like the plastic trim on the A- pillar, and unremarkable in others, like electricity magnetism the fuzzy headliner. Inexplicably, there’s no vanity mirror for the driver even though the front passenger gets one.

The extended cab Dakota has two small rear seats, but they’re only suitable for small children; our 5-foot-1 colleague climbed back there mp electricity bill pay indore to test them out and reported that she didn’t have much room. The space is better used for storage, and the rear seats’ bottom cushions flip up easily to make space for belongings you need to store inside the cab. If you want to carry more than a couple full-size gas news uk adults in this truck, including the driver, you’ll have to opt for a crew cab version.

With models like the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma having electricity lesson plans year 6 grown in size over the years, and new trucks like the Honda Ridgeline hitting the scene, the Dakota no longer has the midsize truck segment all to itself. However, when you k electric share price consider that recreational buyers who purchase midsize trucks are sensitive to gas-price swings and most consumers who need a truck choose full-size models, midsize trucks in general appear to be left searching for buyers in today’s market.