2008 Ford f-550 race support camper deadclutch gas utility austin


Made originally from a commercial vehicle the camper has earned it’s Motor Home status by the DMV. This entitles you to the cheapest insurance available saving over $1,000/year. This is no over designed luxury unit that you will have to have repaired by a Motorhome Tech at $100/hr. This camper can be washed out with a hose. Every cable, wire, tank, outlet, pump, drain, hose, and appliance is removable and repairable without any trouble, in less than five minutes. You can literally see every connection so you will know immediately if something is wrong. The interior surfaces are waterproofed, diamond plate aluminum, 12 gauge stainless steel, and 3/4″ furniture grade plywood. The shower is coated with 3,700 lb. impact Bridge Paint which is indestructible by impact, mildew, or harsh chemicals. The door to the bathroom is absolutely private and waterproof. The sink is commercial quality, the hot water unlimited On-Demand, the water pressure good. The generator can be operated on-board and is completely separated and silenced. It can be rolled out of the camper and used outside, remotely, or you can utilize the Remote Power Box to operate appliances or tools. The windows are all whether double pain ready for rain. There are side ports for a high efficiency two tube portable air/heater or a place for a roof unit. All shelves and drawers are suitable for heavy tools. There is a 2,500 lb. hydraulic lift that folds away under the bumper to load bikes, tool chests, or any other cargo through two full size security doors in the rear. There is a security side door with diamond plate steps and outside retractable step. There are internal racks that are infinitely configurable with Speed-Rail for storage of Kayaks or other items you don’t want stolen while you are gone. The mattresses are marine grade materials and completely waterproof/stainproof. The electrical systems runs on DC from your batteries and internal charging system, AC from your generator 120/240, or AC from shore power 20,30 and 50amp. Every internal plug can be routed to any of the three sources as needed, depending where you place or need your power. Every aspect of this build was to minimize service, maximize use, safety, utility and to eliminate the typical issues that ruin motorhomes, trailers, and campers.

This gas powered V10 has more torque, more horse power and a much higher revving engine delivering better power and runs on 87 fuel. It is the most produced and utilized motor in commercial trucks, motorhomes, campers, buses etc. for the past 10 years while diesels have gone through multiple generations trying to solve their inherent problems. Due to it’s expansive use, parts and service for the V10 are available at any ford dealer in the country. They are known for reliability and quiet power that doesn’t stink if you need to work around it while it is running.

If you get this far you are asking why I am selling it. My wife and I retired and moved to paradise. We live in an oak forest by a wonderful lake and feel no need to travel anymore. We used the camper to facilitate our move to the north and it did the job through the rainiest winter and hottest summer they ever had here. Since we are not any longer using it we just can’t stand to see it sit here un-utilized. Until you find your paradise this truck is for you.