2011 Chevrolet silverado 3500 expert reviews, specs and photos cars.com electricity cost in california


The traditional Chevy power dome hood is back with the strongest styling we’ve seen since 2003. The chrome-framed grille has a larger bow tie, and the front bumper has been revised. Huge metal flares at the corners of the front bumper have been softened by reducing their 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh height. Also, the inlet in the middle of the front bumper that feeds air to the truck’s transmission e85 gas stations in iowa oil cooler is about a third larger than the current inlet.

Much of the frame improvements were aimed at giving the 1-ton 3500 Silverado maximum towing and hauling capability in the segment. GM has Ford’s once-untouchable specs right in its crosshairs. Maximum trailering is up to 20,000 pounds pulling a fifth-wheel trailer with a DRW Duramax diesel and up to 14,500 pounds pulling a fifth wheel-trailer s gashi with a SRW 6.0-liter gas V-8. GM says the towing specs were calculated using the new J-2807 trailer towing standard that all truck manufacturers will eventually follow.

The stronger frame is also said to help reduce noise, vibration and harshness, particularly up front. The engine mount brackets have been strengthened, and their positions supporting the engine table d gaskets are optimized so that the brackets’ attachment points are now set relative to the center of the frame rail instead of offset at an angle, which had caused unwanted engine vibration.

In the front suspension gas and supply okc, the upper control arm is now made from forged instead of cast steel for increased strength and weight savings. The cast-iron lower control arm has been bolstered to handle greater loads. To help improve ride quality, two urethane jounce bumpers instead of one electricity khan academy are mounted to the frame to cushion each side of the lower control arm, and there’s also a new upper shock mount attachment design as well as all-new shocks.

At the rear, the gross axle weight rating has increased from 8,200 pounds to 9,750 pounds to support the new 6,335-pound maximum payload rating electricity invented, and the new asymmetric leaf spring packs with 3-inch-wide springs, up from 2.5 inches, to help reduce axle wrap and wheel up in low-traction or full-power-start situations. Compared side by side with the old frame, the rear spring hangers are now extremely well-integrated with the rails instead of looking like they were hung on with a few bolts and rivets.

It’s not just the stronger frame and running gear that support the increased towing gas laws worksheet and hauling numbers in the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD. There’s also a revised 6.6-liter Duramax clean diesel that produces 397 horsepower and 765 pounds-feet of torque, beating the power figures for Ford’s 6.7-liter gsa 2016 calendar Power Stroke diesel V-8. A new 36-gallon fuel tank extends the driving range of the 2011 Silverado HD. It’s standard on long and short box versions. GM promises up to a 680-mile range, or about 18.8 mpg.

The six-speed Allison automatic transmission bolted to the back of the Duramax also helps improve fuel economy. It can lock up its torque converter (used to transmit engine power to the truck’s transmission) faster and stay locked longer. Think of it as taking some of a manual transmission’s inherent electricity 101 powerpoint fuel economy advantages and applying them to an automatic gearbox. There’s also reduced spin losses electricity projects ks2 inside the transmission.

The 2011 Silverado adds the first application of trailer sway control to GM’s full-size pickups. It works using the truck’s antilock braking system and integrated trailer brake controller to brake individual wheels on the pickup automatically when it senses dangerous yaw in the rear of the truck from the trailer astrid y gaston lima menu english, which could happen if weight unexpectedly shifts inside the trailer. If the trailer has electric brakes and is connected to the Silverado’s 7-pin trailer connector, the truck can also automatically apply the trailer’s brakes to stop dangerous sway. TRW is the supplier for the system.