2011 Street glide problems m power electricity

Dan I couldn’t tell the nightmare I have had with my 2011 CVO Street Glide because you wouldn’t believe it . I have ridden Harley’s for 40 years and this experience has totally been the worst nightmare. I live in alaska and unfortunately have 3 dealers all owned by the same guy so there is no escaping the bad dealer issue. Back when I first bought it in August of 2010 it had what they said was throttle body noise (I posted here questioning if anyone else had this noise) the POS has never run right has low RPM issues, stalling at low RPM hard starting and the engine rattle, knock don’t know how to describe it has been there from day one. it has been in the dealers so much I only put about 4000 miles on it in going on 2 years which is less then I usually put on my bikes in 2 weeks normally. It has been in the shop since March 3 this year and been one nightmare after another and I have personally only rode it three times since then once to test ride it after they "did some programs on it to try and get it to run, first time they called for me to test ride it it backfired so bad the shop shook, needless to say it never saw outside that day. The next time they called I leathered up mind you it was only like 40 degrees (a warm day in early March in Alaska) It started somewhat I roll out of the parking lot towards the ramp to the highway and a column of gas from the tank hits me in the face covers me and the right side of the bike, (good thing I didn’t have a cigarette and had glasses on) I roll back to the shop received not even an apology from the dealer. several days later they call and tell me to bring my trailer and take it to House of Harley in Anchorage they can’t fix it. The saga continues I never heard from the dealer so after a month I have my attorney write the dealer and MOCO a letter, NO RESPONSE. Needless to say I was like you have a trailer you take it into House of Harley, then I was told they had MORE bad news the lot jockey dropped another bike on my bike, but the good news was they already ordered a new fender 6-10 weeks to get it cause "ya know it is a CVO and needs to be painted when they run the black diamond and crimson paint. " IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL ANY BETTER WE FIRED HIM" there is more night horrors MOCO didn’t respond when I called the Dealer complaint line GIVE THEM A SHORT SANOPSIS AND THEN WHEN i MENTIONED i HAD MY ATTORNEY WRITE THE GUY SAID "THIS CONVERSATION IS OVER" AND HUNG UP. Now the end of July and still no bike warranter runs out in August told to come and pick the bike up even though it still has the same low end issues and the noise come and get it, that is not happening, I filed a complaint with the State Attorney General if need be I will file suit. To those of you that plan to ride in Alaska I hope you never need to visit the dealers in Anchorage, Wasilla, or Soldotna for anything more then maybe a T-shirt. As for expecting MOCO to be of assistance forget it! I figure MOCO won’t pay the dealer to fix the problem and the dealer won’t do anything to keep the customer happy if it cost them a dime, so they were going to let the bike sit until right before the warrantee ran out tell me it was ready expecting me to take the bike then when it either lunched the engine or killed me when it stalled on the highway it wouldn’t be their problem. UGH>>>>>>>>>> Not the Harley experience you expect after 40 yrs and being a Charter Member of the dealership and having served as Assistant Director of our local Chapter. think you might be right a Class Action might get Harley’sattention !